The Theme Park Of YOU – MysteryLand

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Do you think you’re mysterious, or obvious?

Do you think you’re simple or complicated?

Do you think…well, does it matter what you think?

Do you only care if HE thinks you’re mysterious or clever or smart, or anything you think is cool, or do you care what YOU think?

There’s no right or wrong to this – it just helps to KNOW stuff we don’t know.

It helps to know what’s running us – what’s driving us in one direction or the other.

♥Are we being driven by our childhoods?

♥By our parents and families right now?

♥By what we USED to be driven by?

♥By what other people think of us and our need for approval from them?

This is something you can SO feel in the moment – in the Present.

♥ All of a sudden you’ll stop having fun and start thinking.

♥You’ll start analyzing the situation you’re in at the moment and start “grading” it.

♥You’ll start grading yourself.

You’ll be outside of the moment – like a movie critic – watching for what you can write about and looking for what you think about, and taking notes, instead of just BEING there, wherever you are.

And yet, if you let that moment of awareness go by and don’t catch it…catch that you ARE grading yourself…that habit will continue to drive you.

Only, it won’t be because of your Past and your family – it will be because of the HABIT you’ve created.

It may have started there, long ago – but you’re continuing the tradition.

So – let’s leave it at this: You ARE a mystery.

No way around it.

There’s stuff about you and in you that YOU don’t know, and he doesn’t know, and the most famous shrink and the most famous psychic in the world can’t know.

You are unknowable. Just like the Universe.

♥ So – can you make peace with that, and STILL go about knowing yourself more?

If you can get on board with that, then we’re set up for all kinds of things.

Let’s say you tend toward feeling insecure with men. At least with the men you seem to be involved with and care for.

How about we just say that some of that insecurity is past stuff, and some of it is fear, yes, and some of it is habit, yes – and some of it is MYSTERY.

That means – you have to be OKAY with your insecurity. What else is there?

That means – “…okay, I feel insecure.

Not sure where it’s coming from, don’t have time right now to trace it back – the awareness of it is plenty – in fact ALL I need to know – and so – okay – insecurity – I can live with you. And now, let’s do a Tool that will make me FEEL BETTER.”

Simple, right?

No more punishing for things you don’t like…just steady practice toward feeling good by moving toward things that feel better than what you’re feeling.

And – as a bonus – what’s up ahead is a mystery, too!

Who knows what you’re capable of?!

I think you’re pretty magnificent, and I can’t know you, either.

Get on board with you as mystery, and I guarantee you it’ll be more fun and feel better – insecurities and all.

Love, Rori


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