The Three Blessings For You 2018

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Happy Thanksgiving!

And it’s not the “holiday” I celebrate (we all know the history of that is murky)…it’s the opportunity.

It’s the feeling that so many of us are doing it at once, that people are getting together in the same room with other people, that people are inviting other people, feeding other people, going to see other people, dealing with old emotions and triggers with other people, looking at the larger picture and focusing on generosity of material goods and spirit, even shopping with gusto (however we choose to look at that)…

At least there seems to be an opportunity here. A slogan. A message.

It’s so easy to say “Be Thankful” when you’re feeling good and thankful…but I know that if you’re feeling blue…you don’t really feel like thanking anyone for anything.

When you’re not really feeling “blessed,” it’s challenging to say your blessings.

And yet – that’s the way out of the rubble.

That’s the way from the blues to the greens to the yellows, the oranges, the reds….the whole rainbow.

Here’s a simple Exercise my coach, Ryan Eliason, gave me long ago – it’s called The Three Blessings:

Before bed, simply find three things you might consider as blessings in your life, and say them.

For me, I could see my dog and say I feel blessed to have my dog near me.

I could feel blessed that I had a good dinner and a glass of water.

I could feel blessed to have a window next to the bed, so I can see green plants and flowers.

The next night, it might be three different things.

Makes no difference how big or small.

The point is just to bring your attention to something that you can think of like a blessing and that feels like a blessing (no matter what else the thought of anything at all being a blessing triggers in you).

If you try to think of the Three Blessings exercise as a way to “think positively” – you’ll trigger yourself more intensely – so try “formatting” it for yourself this way…

It’s just a way to sort of “clear the lens” you’re looking at the world through.

A way to “readjust” the projector of your perspective.

A way to “reset” your “internal viewpoint.”

A way to work with your mind, instead of focusing on your circumstances.

If you look at the exercise in this gentle way, and do it gently – you might find it kind of fun and good feeling.

For me – my first blessing is you.

The fact that you’re here, that you’re a part of this community, that you care, that you’re sharing love and honoring other women and working hard to change your “view” and try new thoughts on for size, that you’re willing to dive deep into the inner sea of your feelings and let them carry you through the world – that’s magic.

For me, Thanksgiving as a tradition means nothing.

What counts for me is that with a “holiday,” we have a moment where so many of us can say “Thanks” to something – all at the same time.

So my thanks in this moment is for the possibility that exists for each of us – no matter what things look like from behind our “lens.”

Let me know what your Three Blessings are tonight, and though I don’t believe I have any power to bless, if I did, it would feel incredible to be able to shower you all with blessings…so, because it feels so good to even consider it – I’ll just do it.

Blessings to you!

Love, Rori

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  1.  #1Femininewoman on November 23, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    My blessings are

    1. The faith and knowledge that there’s a God watching over and taking care of me

    2: My life. It is a blessing that I am here living and learning new things.

    3: My home and family. It is a blessing to have a place to rest out of the cold with a roof over my head, warm place to sleep and people who love me


  2.  #2Virginia Donahoe on November 26, 2018 at 10:59 am

    1. My relationship with Jesus…God who came in the flesh…who has experienced “life” in the flesh…the good and for Him the horrendous. He understands my joys and my pain.

    2. My cozy little home in the country where I gave the privilege of seeing the moon and stars at night when the skies are clear; the elk that wander into my yard and help themselves to plums and apples from my trees or just grazing in the night and early morning hours.

    3. Even though I have now been single again for over 12 years, I have a very loving and supportive family.