The Value Of Online Dating Apps

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by Coach Teresa Clement on Siren Island

There are a LOT of scummy guys on the online dating apps. You must learn to be okay with being unmatched. You must learn to be okay with blocking men who are disrespectful.

It feels momentarily VERY sad and triggering to let those connections go.

Yet, it’s a wonderful thing for you to practice and learn – for so many reasons.

Part of the value in this experience is letting yourself feel the fear, sadness, self doubt, and keep being kind to yourself regardless.

I might instantly block a guy who leads with a sexually suggestive comment. This is promiscuous behavior. Men who are looking for a real connection don’t usually start with sexy talk.

Depending on my mood, I might give him ONE CHANCE with a simple, direct Feeling Message: “I feel uncomfortable with comments like that.”

See if he corrects his behavior.

If he makes you feel “wrong” in any way, you’ve got a scummy guy. Block him. If he pushes forward with more sexy talk, block him.

You WILL feel triggered!


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