The What, Why and How of Using the Social Buttons Here

rori from video1You may have noticed the “social bookmarking” buttons around the posts – the ones marked “tweet” and “f” for facebook, and “recommend.”  I was confused by the whole thing, myself, so I got a thorough explanation, and now I’m convinced this will be terrific for all of us – for many different reasons – and so I wanted to explain and encourage you to use them a lot.

Why I’d like you to use the buttons you see here on the pages: Okay – straight out – I want to reach as many women as I can. And I don’t want to do it randomly – just putting out feelers everywhere – I want to attract women who are like you. And who YOU like!  It’s my mission to radiate out what we’re doing and…yes…save the planet.

I think we women are the key to peace in our lifetime and forever after, and until we can tune into our feminine energy, our connection to the Earth, and the part of us that is more in touch with peace than with drama, with love than with fear, with compassion than with hate, with humor than with anger….men and the masculine energy of us women will continue to feed conflict and violence instead of calm, peace, prosperity and love.

Not to mention I’d like  more romance for each of us.

So – I’d love for you to carry what we’re doing here out into the world – to impact all women you meet, all women you know – and without using your masculine energy to “teach” them anything …to find a way to share how this works for you – both by the example of your gorgeous lives and personal happiness…and also sharing me, too.  For us to be in partnership – for your life and the life of everyone.

So – here’s What these buttons are and what they do:

The buttons allow you to send word of posts you like to people you know on the social networks – facebook, twitter, and some of the more confusing places like digg and technorati.  Basically – these are just about new ways to sort of point an arrow from somewhere to this blog. It’s like sending a beam of light, in a way – to as many people as you personally reach – WITHOUT you having to do ANYTHING but push a button.

Doing it this way also keeps our community within our control, within our interest – so we don’t attract people randomly from the web who have no real interest in this work except to “analyze” it.  I have no interest in becoming a lightening rod like Huffington Post where people post opinions and vent their anger.

This is a safe, sacred place to work with ourselves and each other, and only by bringing in like-minded women will we make the shift that will help more men out there become more male and less feminine.

In a sense – doing it this way makes this group MORE select, and helps keep the natural tendency of the web  from pulling in people who actually have no real interest, and don’t care about what we care about…

And here’s the How of How it technically works:

1. Right now I’m only able to communicate to a small group of women – when a new post goes up then you either re-visit the blog (if you check daily), get an email (if you are subscribed to my RSS feed) or get an alert (if you are using a reader).

With your help, we could help a larger group of women find us and get the advice they need to save their relationships and have the fulfilling life we all deserve – and perhaps become important and helpful to you and me through their stories and insights – just as you’ve become so important here.

2. When you click on the Facebook “recommend” link or the Twitter “tweet” link, what you are doing is immediately communicating to your closest friends (on those networks) that this blog is important to you and that the particular post you’re recommending could be helpful in that persons life.

3. I want to make sure you know that by using the buttons you won’t be broadcasting your personal comments here, or changing the dynamics of the blog or drowning out or watering down your own voice on the blog – I would be very unhappy with that (in fact – I’m creating a membership system, so that if you have any or all of my programs – you can get way more specific and personal help from me – and won’t have to sift through more general questions)

That way, your amazing conversations and discussions can be more private – and I can find you more easily.

I absolutely do not want to do ads (even for myself) on this blog, or link constantly to my products – or make this about anything other than what fires me up and keeps me writing: Ideas I get when reading your questions and comments that just make me feel compelled to write what’s in my heart and what I know from my experience, to use my own masculine energy to put out into the world what I feel and know…and so, by using the buttons, you help me reach more women without the ads and clutter and the necessity of creating a whole outreach web program.

Hope this was helpful to explain the buttons, and that you’ll have fun using them…

Love, Rori


  1.  #1juneakbar on May 22, 2016 at 11:47 am

    I feel really inspired by your words, I would be very grateful to learn how to just be myself without trying to impress my husband who I love very much, it it seems to be pushing him away. Please could you advice me on how to get his attention! We have a communication breakdown, only a repeated script of polite words, the same every single day, the same DVD playing as this feels safe, how can I change please , I have tried changing my clothes, working harder, but I feel so drained and exhausted now by trying too hard to please and be the perfect wife, I just want to relax and just BE the real ME. Please help!

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