Think Highly Of Yourself, As I Think Highly Of You

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If you’re experiencing the pain of a loss, and yet finding a philosophy for yourself that makes it bearable enough to get up and walk around, and consider keeping going in the direction of Love, Brava to You!

A woman I admire just said this to me about a breakup: “One thing I learned is when it is meant to happen it does, and when we try to push things along we end up with the wrong people whose negatives we overlooked to “have someone there.”

So powerfully true.

Growth is “growing pains.”

AND – as things get deeper and richer, there’s MORE fear and scary feelings to learn to work with.

YET – just think about it – you are ADDING to yourself!

Stuff that was hidden from you is now coming to your consciousness, and it adds to you as a person.

The man you want to be with is someone who naturally grows HIMSELF right alongside you!

A man has to be “ready” for THAT.

In fact, that’s essentially what commitment IS!

It’s a commitment to grow alongside you, to SUPPORT you as a person growing rather than try to keep you small because it feels safer – that’s co-dependency) – and if a man can’t “keep up” with your personal growth rate, for whatever reason, or has other priorities that keep him from fully supporting you and walking alongside you, he feels bad inside himself, and that’s when things get off kilter.

I think enormously highly of you, no matter what thoughts about yourself are running through your head, or being thrown around inside your body – and every time I hear you do the same – say that you think highly of you – I do a fist pump to the sky.

This is what all women need to be working through right now – and it is NOT a lonely “struggle.”

It can be joyful, and fun as new feelings and worlds open up inside you, and you begin to meet new people who are traveling in the same direction as you.

Love, Rori

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