Tiny Changes Reverberate With Him In A BIG Way

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BIG concepts, rather than moment-by-moment solutions (which I know is a frustrating way to go when you want to SOLVE something, or GET something – for me, too!) – are the “other side” of “tiny baby-steps.”

In order to continually feel motivated to take those baby steps, and get results every time we do to further encourage us, we just HAVE to explore the bigger picture

This is how tiny changes reverberate in a BIG way.

Dramatic change happens by moments, yes, and everything goes faster when you know what you’re practicing, rather than “putting out fires” constantly.

That kind of responding isn’t really responding, it’s more reacting to our own anxiety levels.

We all “come from fear” a lot of the time.

And the secret of fixing that is to NOTICE when we’re coming from fear, then FALL IN LOVE with the FEAR! YES!!!!!, and then it all just comes together into a better feeling place.

Feeling Messages and Scripting help in the moment, yes – they can turn a man around in a day.

AND – if Feeling Messages don’t come from our insides, and become natural somehow, all the benefit of our “vibe” changing just goes out the window.

All the words in the world won’t help get our man and relationship into a new, better place if our vibes aren’t shifting.

Even though we don’t give them credit, men can pick up instantly on what’s going on with us.

They can tell if we’re angry even though we’re smiling – and it’s something that sets their teeth on edge.

So – we need to use Scripts to help us for NEXT time, and NEXT time, rather than as a solution in the moment.

And – most important, by approaching it this way, we begin to allow ourselves to let go of our grip on “control” just a little bit.

In other words – we become less caring of “getting it right” and MORE interested in getting it “real” and “from our hearts.”

From within your feelings – so saying anything like, “I am feeling very nervous, I am feeling anxious I feel so excited to see you I feel confused about how this should go I’m not sure how I feel about driving, I would love to have a firm grip on how this will go, and I know that that is impossible…” Is ALWAYS a good Script. If it feels true for you – it’s good!!!!

And yet, none of these are designed to get a result – which is what most of us are looking for when things get rough.

The Tools just get results because of the way you’re speaking from your heart.

Love, Rori

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