Tony Robbins – I Knew Him When

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Something very few people know about me is that I once lived with Tony Robbins.

Not in a romantic situation, but in a roommate situation.

I’d just returned from my year-and-a-half sojourn in New York, where I was being a New York actress and singer, creating a whole new family of friends around myself, and recovering from the experience of being raped and beat up in my own home in Los Angeles (another thing few people know about me…).

When I came back to Los Angeles (I needed to be there for the court trial of my attacker…and was truly ready to come “home…”) – I had no place to live exept for my parents’ home, and quickly wanted to get out on my own.

I also, after living years in the Hollywoood Hills, wanted to be at the beach!

So – I found the beach at the end of Marina Del Rey, fell in love with the boats, the walking out on the sand, and found a roomate situation through a “roomate finders” office right at the end of Washington, next to the Cheese and Olive restaurant, where I spent most of the next 10 years hanging out and working as a bookkeeper.

And – I became one of 3 roomates living at the top of a 5-flight townhouse.

Tony Robbins lived in the bedroom at the first floor.

He was a fantastic, amazing, caring, so kind and generous young man then, running a sales team for a health product, cooking clever, healthy meals, and being like a brother to me and our other female roomate.

I once saw, piled up on a coffee house table, flyers for a “fire-walking” event led by Tolly Birken.  I grabbed one and gave it to Tony – and the rest is history.

There are so many things I remember about that time in that townhouse. My cats, the never-ending stairs, my expanding love for the beach and the ocean (I learned to sail a small boat on my own…), and the way my life evolved.

We were, after a few years, ousted from the townhouse as it’s ownership changed, and the 3 of us split up. I found a new apartment with a new roomate a few streets down, and hardly ever saw Tony much (occasionally at the Cheese and Olive, or walking the beach).

It was here, in this new apartment, that I learned about myself.

I started dating. (I’d done the “recovery” thing of not dating and “growing myself” for almost 2 years….)

I discovered I was as ignorant about men, dating and love as I’d ever been (which was a very high level of ignorance!), and I bumbled around as I always had.

I made exceptional new friends, finally met my husband, and the rest is my story of my marriage – which has lasted decades, gotten stronger and more fun every day – and began my journey to being of help to you.

Until Jeffrey (my husband), our daughter and I moved from the beach, I saw Tony at the Cheese and Olive every once in awhile, and – here’s the kicker:

The level of Tony’s succes is stupendous. I do not know him as a person now, but the person he was when I knew him and lived with him deserved every bit of the success he’s had.

And yet, here I am, too.

I’ve reached a huge level of success, I get to talk to you, and I never, ever thought I was capable of it, on the road to it, or in any way destined for it.

Tony knew he was bound for success and a huge presence in history from early childhood, I believe, and never stopped heading in that direction.

I, on the other hand, meandered, went down wrong roads and dead ends, tried many, many things, and sometimes learned slowly.

Most of my life I followed someone else’s instructions, and didn’t even understand the concept of  “I believe in myself.”

And yet – I was able to tap into my own self.

I was able to “develop.”

I discovered I had my own ideas, thoughts, feelings. I discovered I had something I wanted to say, and that I could write it out. I discovered that what I had to say, and the way I said it was “original,” and inspiring to others.

I was willing to tell my story.

I was, and am, the same as you.

A woman.

A feminine creature.

I may not have known what I was about, or planned it out, yet, I, somehow, kept moving toward something I wanted to express, actually expressed it, and….well, here I am.

If I could do it – be happy – you can too. No matter where you are now.

Write to me with your story, and I’ll get back to you – because, whether or not you “believe in yourself” in some traditional sense, I believe in you.

I’ve seen too many superstar coaches rise out of an ordinarily-lived life to doubt that you can have what you want and live what you want.

I’m here for you.

If what you want to be, at this moment, is a coach like me, Helena Hart, Adrienne Everheart, Sami Wunder, Amanda Neill, Teal Elizabeth, Megan Weks, Andrada Dan,  Tatia Dee, Jeanine Staples and so many other successful RRCT coaches, just let me know – and we’ll talk about RRCT together.

Love, Rori





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