Try What Bea Is Doing! A Great Success Story – One Small Step At A Time

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From B:

“Rori, I want to share my amazing growth that has happened within the last year. I have learned a lot about myself and my patterns.

*I learned I would talk to another guy just to get over the last one.

*I would never heal my inner wounds.

*I would get back on tinder or bumble so that I could feel a sense of validation by a stranger.

And inevitably I would repeat the same pattern of getting over one just to go to the next guy.

I learned this is form of avoidance while seeking validation of my worthiness.

I would want to avoid sitting around with the pain of loneliness, abandonment, and rejection from the last relationship or “situationship.”

Growing up, I felt other people were responsible for my happiness and unfortunately, it carried over into my relationships, and I leaned into finding someone to make up for what I lost in childhood and recent relationships.

I realize now that trying to secure love, affection, and attention only got me another toxic attachment and made it hard to let go.

I ignored red flags, the trauma bond would form, and then love bombing begins…the fixing, over-giving, performing, and auditioning ensues, and then things fall apart.

I would constantly rinse and repeat this cycle.

I finally had solitude and time to heal and examine myself and dug really deep to find those inner wounds.

When the realization started to sink in, all I could do is feel all those feelings, and work through them to find the best version of who I am.

Self healing is critical.

I had to let the process unfold naturally. It’s messy and beautiful at the same time.

I learned to be gentle and compassionate to myself and forgive myself for not only the big mistakes but the small ones too.

I truly have learned to be appreciative of the people who made feel abandonment because it allowed me to face my worst fear and find myself.

I also thanked the ones who lied or cheated on me because of those actions it allowed me to find my self-worth.

I thanked the inconsistent because it showed me how to always be consistent in my self-care.

I thanked the ones for gas-lighting me because it showed me the value in trusting my intuition.

For the growth I have experienced within the last year has made me an incredible and amazing woman. Love, B…”

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