Turn Around Sadness – And Stop Feeling Invisible Tonight!

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Hi, This is Rori –

Have you ever felt like your heart was just – lumpy, heavy, small?

Not depressed, not angry, not “down,” just more like an “ache”?

When that happens to me, it’s like all I’m sewed up – like an embroidery or needlepoint.

It feels like everything’s tight, nothing’s loose, and there’s an edge to every thought.

And – what I really notice is I can’t put my finger on the reason for it.

I’ve figured out a way to make this work FOR me, so try it and let me know if it works for you:

I started noticing when this feeling comes on that I’ve gotten triggered by something. 

I might be driving home from an appointment in a neighborhood that holds lots of memories for me – good ones and some weird old ones, or I might have met someone who looks like someone I once knew  (doesn’t even have to be someone who once hurt me) – all that has to happen is that person brings back the TIME, long ago, when I felt bad.

Then I noticed, when I used my Tools and started relaxing parts of my body – shoulders first – a burst of sadness would come through me.

You’d think the sadness would feel worse – but it doesn’t!

Try it yourself.  The sadness feels BETTER.  It’s like a relief.  It’s like you can RECOGNIZE the feeling, even if you don’t know why you’re feeling it.

And then – here’s the really cool part – instead of going back to that time, or trying to figure out what’s bothering me in my HEAD, I DELIBERATELY continue to TRIGGER MYSELF.

That’s right – I make it worse. On purpose.

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Why did I want to make it “worse”?

The “When The Past Comes Back Hard Tool”

Here’s what I do:

If it’s the neighborhood, I’ll drive around, I’ll actually LOOK for triggers, looking to BRING OUT the feelings.

I keep letting go of my shoulders and then there’s more sadness.

And then I see it’s a bit gray outside…more sadness….

NOW, I’ll start talking to myself.

Try it: Ask yourself: “Okay, what’s going on here?” 

Perhaps you can put your finger on some things:

“I feel nostalgic for an old time, and I’m starting to feel fear, as though I’m running backwards over my life because there’s a wall in front of me and my life’s about to end. 

I feel a doomsday feeling, where I don’t want to move another minute ahead in time – I just want to go back somewhere safe. 

Or – I’m thinking about HIM – a man who hurt me.”

Try to keep it all about FEELINGS, about sensations in your body. 

* Really try to tune into your body instead of trying to THINK it through with your brain.

* Keep “dropping into” your body and your heart.

* Now just switch your focus to something that’s right in front of you. 

* A car, a tree, a blade of grass.

* Experience how THAT feels.

* Now, take a breath just for the “ritual” of it – and let yourself (you can do this!) “Fall In Love” with whatever feeling you’re feeling now.

Once you discover how quickly feelings can change (or, as I like to say: “morph”) – you won’t feel so stuck.

You’ll know there are ALWAYS feelings, and you don’t have to label them or judge them.

The important thing is to just “ride” with them. Just feel through them.

Be sure to check out Shahrzad’s Stop Feeling Invisible And Be The Center Of His Life live coaching class. She’ll truly get behind you, no matter where you’re at now or how you’re feeling, and help you gently shift everything for 2018…

…AND – Shahrzad won’t “tell you to stop” doing ANYTHING in the old-fashioned way that doesn’t work! She’ll help you gently feel through it all in a way that will get you the results you want.


Love, Rori

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