Turn Disappointment Around With Feminine Magic

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This video is about “Looping” – and the whole thing about our triggers – about the whole dating and building a solid committed relationship process.

The idea is to get excited about you…and…

…to notice yourself complaining about the men who are showing up on your dating profiles, on your dating apps, or even in the relationships you’re in.

This “complaint” part is universal to wherever you’re at in the dating and love timeline, and Naomie Thompson is brilliant at helping you solve it so it no longer gets in the way of getting what you want.

Naomie Thompson is not only an influencer coach, she’s the Director of Rori Raye Coach Training and teaches in The Siren Mastermind.

To get real help to Get Everything You Want From Your Feminine Energy, experience The WANT Masterclass here:




Love, Rori

A Strong Comment:

“Rori, I’m thinking, what other word could do for “useless” here…too strong of a negative connotation it has for me and makes me feel more like trash haha …hmm.. effortless maybe?”

My Answer: Hi, and, yes, I totally see how this “useless” word might feel for you, thank you so much for the comment, so helpful for me….!

When I made this video, I was actually feeling into the “icky” feeling of the word “useless” – and using it on purpose.

I’m all about embracing, Falling In Love With the words that affect and impact each of us in distinctly different ways – and feeling “useless” is just a crashing, horrific word, concept, feeling for me, perhaps personally…and rather than my “changing it” – I feel SO much better when I actually USE it, andembrace it as a “lovely” state of being.

In other words – my “usefulness” ideas and labels come from my head, my old patterns…so rather than “run away” from it – I prefer to run toward it!

This may not work for you, but perhaps your alignment of “useless” with “trash” is a very interesting pattern, and worth exploring.

In a way, for me, I see embracing “useless” as giving up this alignment I’ve had that I am duty-bound to be “useful” in someone else’s eyes, and, instead, find, first and foremost what I WANT, and therefore, channel my true, mystical, magical, real usefulness as an instrument of “love”.

If this sounds silly – know that I am always looking to turn ideas and words that seem to bother me around – and use them in new ways.

I experience the wonderful “Barbie” song “What am I made for” as exactly this. Useless had an uncomfortable feel to it, so I decided that I’d created a definition of useful and useless that wasn’t really aligned with anything I believed and cared about…so I begin by “tossing it around”….”

I’ll watch this again, and write more about it, because I believe it’s a huge topic.

And, “effortless” is a huge topic, too!

Love Rori

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