Warrior Woman – Are You Lurching Through Life And Obligation?

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Lurching through obligation instead of living your life from your DESIRE is what creates regret.

It creates this need to have a “bucket list” for the end of our lives.

Well, what happened to the bucket list of life as we’re living it?

What happened to everything else?

We tend to make judgments and choices based on the one desire we can put our finger on, instead of all the desires of our hearts that we’re not really getting connected to.

What happens is – a man comes along and we connect with him through this desire that we feel, sexual, primal, physical, a connection of things in common, an instant true love feeling.

We connect with him and we start being with him.

Then all of a sudden all of our other hidden issues pop up.

They’re triggered.

It’s different for men, bless their hearts.

Men tend to kind of just know they love you, and they kind of stick – unless we do something to deliberately push them away.

Guess what, we do that.

We do that, because all of a sudden we’re not so sure that we wanted – what we thought we wanted – is what we really want.

We want this physical connection, want this excitement, but we know that’s not daily life.

Daily life feels more like obligation.

You feel the sense of duty with work, you have to take care of a kid, you have to deal with illness.

All of a sudden it becomes a partnership and a friendship and that’s filled with duty and all kinds of feelings that don’t square with that original Desire.

A Warrior Woman For Love is filled with Desire.

All kinds of Desire: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental – and yet – all desire is felt in your body.

All of it has sensation.

It lights you up on the inside.

So – for today, focus on your Desire, and vow to yourself to keep it alive.

Love, Rori

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