Warrior Woman – Get Bigger And Follow The LovePath

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Here’s A Warrior Woman Step Sequence:

1. Get a big perspective on the situation you’re in at this very moment.

This could look like: There are people standing around in this room. My man, or that man who just came up to talk to me just said or did something and now I’m feeling uneasy and disturbed, and I have many wonderful emotions around all this.

2. Now… you’re going to follow the procedure for any Rori Raye “speech.”

It goes basically — I feel, I don’t want.

If you want to actually negotiate something, it can go — I feel, I don’t want, what do you think.

3. So let’s put it all together:

>> Imagine yourself in your warrior clothes, armed with your NO, standing up for a value like Vulnerability, seeing everything that’s around you and being present with it all.

>> Put together your first sentence of “I feel” with the feeling you’re feeling right now (that you’ve already felt and gotten comfortable with feeling) and speak it simply.

>> Now put together your NO in the form of “I don’t want….”

This could look like: I feel icky, I don’t like this.

If he doesn’t snap-to and ask you what’s going on, take the time to start from step one again.

All the same feelings are going to start flooding in on you.

The first few times you try this is going to feel just like the first time — and then you get so used to it that it will get easy, I know it will.

Love, Rori


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