Warrior Woman Introduction

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This all started when a man wrote to me.

He wanted to talk about how he – and other men he knows – find “Warrior” women sexy.

Well, we all know that “Wonder Woman” is awesome and sexy, powerful yet completely feminine energy. So if that’s what he was talking about – no surprise.

What he was WANTING to talk about, though, how he actually described his vision of a “real-life Warrior Woman” was completely different.

He talked about this:

How men actually love being “called” on their “bs” because then they know that what a woman wants from them is who they really are, and not who they might like to pretend to be.

It sounded to me exactly like what we women want from men and the world: to be appreciated, loved, given to, trusted and paid well, because of who we are – and not who we “pretend” to be.

We crave this total authenticity for so many reasons – but this one stands out: Our training as women.

The truth for nearly every one of us is that “pretending to be something other than who we really are” is the only model for being a successful woman (successful in ANY way!) that most of us women have.

Pretending to be something other than who we really are (even if “who we are” has PROVEN to be awesome!) is the “complete life strategy” we women have all been trained in.

It made me think about how we women want to be “seen,” how we are seen, by who – and what it is we’re truly saying about ourselves.

So what exactly is a Warrior Woman?

Does it mean that you’re always on the warpath?

  • Are you always looking for something to pounce on and correct? Are you out to change the world by changing every little thing you see around you?
  • Are you out to improve everything you see — including your man, your boss, your coworker, your employees, your sales partners, your business partners, your friends, your customers,..your clients…?

Or are you a warrior for yourself?

And what would that look like? (And how can we square the Siren Protocol of “Falling In Love With It” to what’s clearly a violent, aggressive, attack-oriented concept: Warrior?)

Love, Rori


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