Warrior Woman – Put On Your Warrior Clothes

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Yes, Put On Your Warrior Clothes.

Make it up.

Are you an angel with wings? A Greek Goddess in gown, or pants and boots with bows and arrows, or a superwoman superhero with space-age weapons?

How do you wish to aim — very subtly and accurately, or do you wish to have the power to blow away whole universes with the press of a button on your gear?

Now… and here is the hardest part… what are you fighting for?

Who are you fighting for?

And on behalf of which emotion that you felt are you fighting for?

The easiest way to do this is to —

>> Pick a Value that is dear to your heart.

Pick the first one that comes to your mind (if you don’t already have a Values List sit down and make one now)

Let’s just pick one for now — how about Peace? Or Authenticity? How about Honor?

You could honor your “little girl self” — you could honor your Vulnerability — you could simply honor your own ability to feel.

***Important note: you are not to use the word “defend.”

This is not about protection or defense.

This is not about being a warrior who “goes to war.” A warrior who writes wrongs. A warrior who sets the record straight.

These images are all MASCULINE images.

These are fine for many things in your life when you’re going “Out the Window” and want to be an action Warrior for the world. (We’re all really good at this, and I’ll talk about it more in another post…)

A WOMAN as Warrior simply says NO. Being a FEMININE Warrior is all about being about No.

Love, Rori

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