Warrior Woman: Steps To The LovePath

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The Rori Raye LovePath – How To Be A Warrior Woman For Love

To begin, let’s go through some Warrior Woman steps you might take in this situation:

If you’re feeling unsettled, disturbed (I love that word and I love the state “disturbed” describes), and conflicted, just:

  1. Stop whatever you’re doing.

>> Stop
>> take a breath
>> go into the Rori Raye Dance Position
>> put your hand on an object and…
>> stomp on the floor.

You are caught between your emotions.

And your emotions are caught between wanting to fight, wanting to flee, and wanting to freeze.

And some of it is not under your control right now.

Some of it is a reaction that’s coming from old patterns that are deeply ingrained in every cell of your body.


  1. Start picking through your emotions.

First, you have to

>> Feel each one.

Start with the one that comes up first. If it’s an urge to hit and strike out and “fight” — go into that feeling.

  • Really experience it — in your arms, in your hands.
  • Experience if you feel your hands clenching into a fist, if you feel like reaching out to push and hurt, to DO something destructive.
  • Really let yourself get into that.
  • If you have to leave the room for a minute to do it — do it.

EXPLORE each feeling as it passes through you..

If the next feeling feels like fear, or guilt, feel that. You can tell what it is you’re feeling most easily by going straight to your body for clues.

  • Look at your hands. Do they feel like going out to push something?
  • That would be anger and an urge to fight.
  • Or do they feel like pulling something towards you?
  • Does it feel like they want to protect you?
  • Protect your heart, protect your breasts, protect your breath?
  • Do your hands and arms feel like they want to block something?
  • Does the rest of your body feel like it’s moving backwards — like it wants to go away, wants to run?

Notice if your shoulders are all crunched up near your ears.

Does that feel more to you like fear, or anger, or love, or shame, or guilt?

Let your shoulders go, let your arms go and see if you can find the feeling now in your belly.

See if it’s jumping or if it feels hard.

Start getting familiar with what your feelings feel like.

You’ll start to notice a pattern — a physical pattern — that will help you clue into what it is you’re feeling.

And as you experiment with feeling these different feelings that have different physical components, you’ll start to get more COMFORTABLE feeling these feelings.

More coming up!

Love, Rori

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