Webinar Sunday, June 26th!: How To Become A Successful Coach – No Matter Where You’re Starting From…

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How To Know If You're a Natural CoachHow You Can Be Successful At Something That Helps And Heals Others…

What if all the girlfriends who’re always asking you for love, life and relationship advice actually paid you for your time, experience and knowledge?

What if the woman you met in line at your local Starbucks, and just started talking about relationships with, actually signed up as a subscriber to your newsletters? What if she began paying you for the group teleclass you’re holding?

What if the lingerie shop a mile from your home offered you a great venue to hold a live workshop – and then, women in your neighborhood wanted to come?

What if you have a book – or even a multi-video program – in you? What if you’ve always wanted to tell your story of how you’ve endured the worst love experiences imaginable, and came through them all “good enough” to be able help other women avoid the pitfalls you fell into?

What if all this could make you enough money to enable you to come out from under the thumb of a boss, of a commute, of a list of “have-to’s” and obligations that keep you from breathing during the day and sleeping at night?

And what if you could do this in 22 weeks or less, use the Rori Raye brand name to help promote your coaching business, teach the Rori Raye Modern Siren Tools to women in your town and all over the world with Rori’s blessing, have Rori’s personal email address to get advice whenever you need it, and get Rori Raye’s personal recommendation, testimonial – and even referrals?

What if Rori Raye was your partner?

The average fee for a coach is around $120/hour. Though you can start way lower and go way higher, and try all kinds of different ways to leverage your new skills, website and my help, it’s totally possible to get enough clients at that middle-range fee (enough to feel like a professional coach and have steady income) within a year of beginning RRRCT.

In the upcoming free “How To Become A Successful Coachwebinar on Sunday, June 26th at 11am PDT, 2pm EDT and 7pm Europe – you’ll find out how all this works, how the “new marketing world” out there is NO different from the old one (just different “tech”), and how, if you have the right temperament to be in business for yourself and a feel for writing – you can be a successful coach.

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Yes, there are more coaches than ever out there in the world – which means there are more CLIENTS than ever out there in the world!

When I started – there was NO ONE out there! Literally. No coaches. There were only therapists.

Now, therapists, saddled with licensing regulations and years of studying for their degrees, are calling themselves coaches right and left.

Does this mean there are less clients to go around? Just the opposite! It means there’s a demand for private and group coaching. There are people all over the world (and thanks to new tech, you can reach them ALL!) who not only need you, they WANT to work with you.

Your potential clients now know what “coaching” IS!

The world of professional coaching – especially in the field of love, romance and relationship, is an exploding, expanding place to be in right now.

And you can do it all from your couch, in your pajamas.

Go here to sign up for the free“How To Become a Successful Coach” Webinar (with slides!) on Sunday, June 26th…(you’ll get the information you need to get connected to the webinar in an email) – and instantly download your free “How To Know If You’re a Natural Coach” Worksheet:


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  1.  #1Femininewoman on June 25, 2016 at 8:46 pm


  2.  #2Femininewoman on June 25, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    Teach them all? Mmmmm

  3.  #3MissStix on June 26, 2016 at 8:06 am

    I feel excited energy bubbling up. Looking forward to a more grand adventure today. We are going to the falls to hike and picnic and take pictures (been a very long time since we took any pictures together).
    And I feel surprised and appreciative that he was listening when I said I would love to go to the falls this summer.
    I know this is what I need. My soul craves adventure and being outside and experiencing. I know I can do that for myself and yet I also need that to be a part of my romantic relationship. We did do lots of things together…Camping, snow boarding, music festivals, nights out to see djs or whatever. A couple years ago that started to fade away. Something about adventuring together opens me up to feeling at ease.

  4.  #4MissStix on June 27, 2016 at 8:25 am

    Our adventure didn’t go quite as planned. The falls were so busy that we couldn’t park…I must have see a hundred people come and go without parking. We gave up and headed back towards home. But along the way the man had the idea of stopping at a pretty, rocky little ocean beach. We trekked over huge pieces of driftwood and found a nice secluded spot to relax for a while and watch the water, boats, mountains. A couple was floating way out in the ocean on a air mattress which I though was craaaazy but looked fun and relaxing too.
    We talked about getting a little inflatable dingy so we can go out on the water over the summer. 🙂
    I felt so recharged. I like to cyphon energy from the rocks and trees and fresh air. Magic!
    It’s my long weekend and i don’t have to be back to work till Wednesday so i’m going to the beach again today with my cousin. This time a gorgeous glassy little lake nestled within quaint little mountains. It’s a busy place but we’re hoping Monday means it’ll be a bit quieter.
    I have to work the holiday coming up this Friday so i’m making the most of my long weekend being out doors. Tomorrow I let my masculine energy do some yard work. Today i’m a fully relaxed feminine energy Goddess. Just because it feels so good 😀
    I got my day off right letting the man make me coffee and tell me i’m beautiful and hug and kiss me till I felt like I might explode from feeling so full up.
    He has today off too but it’s for a dentist appointment so I can focus on my plans, my day and absorbing as much good energy as I can from this beautiful place I call home 🙂

  5.  #5MissStix on June 27, 2016 at 8:34 am

    It’s so quiet here on the blog. I remember the days, years ago, when it seemed like I could blink and 1000 comments would be up…

  6.  #6MissStix on June 27, 2016 at 8:55 am

    Oh well…I feel bored and don’t have to start getting ready to go for another hour so i’m gonna kick it old school and spam the blog.

    I feel kind of in awe of all the pathways opening up in my life. And I feel…Deeply satisfied, in this moment of awereness, I have chosen each wisely.
    I’ve come home. It just felt right so I did it. I still feel a slight heaviness. Like lingering tendrils of self doubt. I just realized I am keeping myself from believing I can have the life I want with the man i’m with. Makes so much sense now. I don’t believe it’s going to happen. I want to say it’s intuition because it’s the perfect excuse to hang onto this. It is not intuition. It is not intuition. It is not intuition. I must accept that. I know it’s not intuition because my actual intuition is telling me it’s not. It’s not and all it IS is holding me back from the deepest possible intimate connection 2 people can have.
    I see him doing his part so well. Steady, unwavering, focus of his energy. It’s like a soft, warm spotlight shining down upon me.
    I feel some fear like feelings and immediately I think “don’t be afraid. accepting it fully and without doubt won’t make it stop.”
    All the recent communication floods my mind and I feel overwhelmed.
    If I can accept it… This could be, would be IT. It it.
    Something comes up in my mind to argue with me. Immediately I feel the urge to squash this voice under a giant stiletto. 🙂
    But I know I must pick up this sad little gremlin and love it and nurture it until it starts to come around and work with me and not against me.

  7.  #7Grace on June 27, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Another surprising session with the hypnotherapist!
    We did something different for this session, I didn’t feel as relaxed and I was wondering – is this actually working? Is this *doing* anything?
    Then when it came time to come back to the room and wake up, I just started crying and crying. We did a session on “unplugging” from old emotional pain and and I swear I could FEEL a big, raw, vulnerable-feeling gap in my heart. I told her I felt like I was missing something – like if a rotten tooth had been extracted and there was a big gap. I could also feel how I like to cling to and hoard or trap feelings in my belly, so that will be our next focus.

    I was noticing this yesterday, how it even affects my breathing. I felt pain and discomfort in my heart so I asked what my body was trying to tell me – which was to breathe deeper in my belly. The way I was breathing was constricting my shoulders and chest. I’m apple-shaped and I LOATHE to breathe into my belly but I did and wa-la! Relief! Also, relief from the discursive thoughts that were circling and bouncing around in my brain, making me feel crazy.

    So, something Super Fun I experienced on the way home!

    I was waiting at the bus stop and an older man honked at me as he passed by. I wondered if I knew him or if he was just honking because Beautiful Woman Sitting at the Bus Stop.
    He circled back around and offered me a ride! I felt tickled with the universe showing me love this way, even though I felt totally happy and content to ride the bus.

    We chatted, he dropped me off where I asked (not at my house, haha), and we parted ways, I felt inspired to start keeping track of these fun little winks from God/Goddess in an written journal, to remind me of how fun and magickal life can be. 🙂

  8.  #8Grace on June 27, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    Wow, crazy how much anger I had buried. It felt so gross and icky and …just gross and embarrassing to move up out of my throat.

    I really don’t know how I can express this better in the moment…because really I am not going to wail and howl like a banshee with a CD. I did say that I felt angry in the moment with stuff with Lanky but some did get buried.

    Maybe just taking action, like being able to have my snap and NOT go along with things in the moment will keep it from turning into banshee wailing alone in my room later?

    Or maybe if I just keep going along with this hypnotherapist and keep up my tantra practice I’ll figure it out as I go along. I’ve been affirming that I am releasing anger, I just didn’t realize it was going to feel so sh!tty. Ugh.


    (haha I’m making myself laugh now.)

  9.  #9Lilybelly on June 27, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    Me too, MissStix. Me too..