We’ve All Been Trained To Be Angry And Blame

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It’s SO EASY to simply go to “wanting to complain somewhere…” – it just seems like the most natural go-to.

And feeling angry at a man isn’t always coming from something that he’s even a part of.

We are ALL wounded, and we are “all our ages all the time.”

Most of the time, I believe we are just basically shoving love away from us.

That must have been what our mothers did, and what our mother’s mother’s did – and in a way, it feels to me like – historically, and in much of the world even today – it’s all we women could DO to maintain some kind of autonomy and independence.

It’s the flip side of “going along with it” that the #metoo movement is highlighting.

We don’t react naturally or even humanly many times because of deep fear and training. We all have a lot to undo.

You can DO it!

Just tiny, itty-bitty baby steps of looking at a man differently, touching him differently, kissing him differently, and feeling your body more can make a huge difference!

Love, Rori

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