What Do You Want From Your Work?

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Hi, this is Rori. And what do you want from your work?

I mean, I talk so much about what you want from a man… What you want from a relationship…what you want this to look like …What you want it to feel like …

So let’s move into your workplace, whether it’s your living room or your bedroom, where you type or an office space, or whether you can sit on the beach and work.

What is it you want?

What do you want from doing something that brings in money?

What do you want?

Do you want interaction?

Do you want to be around people?

Do you want to be all by yourself?

Do you like to walk around like I do: Just let my thoughts and the ideas just bubble up and just kind of percolate through my head and my body?

Then I write down things when I can….write them down and then I have little notes to go from.

But I like them running through my head and my body, and they seem to work themselves out.

Is that the experience you want or do you like it?

You know, putting it all down and then thinking about it.

What is it that feels right to you?

Do you want a big business?

Do you want to own a business?

Do you want your own big huge business and your team and, and running people and running ideas and making it big and big a millionaire and flying around?

Or do you want a cozy business?

Maybe a practice as a coach, or a consultant, where you have your clients that you see in person.

You see them over Zoom, and you care about them, and you care for them, and you make different ways for them to be in your sphere.

To be in your community, or a group program, or a one to one program.

You know, you appear maybe locally and speak, and you don’t have a big team, maybe one virtual assistant occasionally.

But most of the time, you’re just happy keeping it small.

Maybe, maybe you’d like one digital program or a book, but it’s, it’s not something you want to spend all this energy on.

You just want to make a nice living and have a really nice life, and hang out with your dogs and cats, and maybe a man, and maybe a child.

And… And cozy is the word I’ve put to that.

So I just put two, two different ideas here.

I was about to say extremes, but they’re not extreme.

They’re absolutely right in the middle of what’s perfect. So does that appeal to you, or is there something else, where you’d like something in between?

Where… you’re, you like social media, you like doing videos like I do.

Or on the other end, you don’t really want to do any of that.

You really don’t want to, you barely want to take a picture of yourself.

So leave a note for me in the comments and let me know what it is you Want so that I can put together a program for you or do more videos for you …and the Masterclasses are pretty much set around what it is you’re dealing with if you want something and you don’t have it.

How can I help you get it?

That is what I’m doing here. I want to help you get Everything you want from your Feminine Energy, and by that I mean without having to Think about it all the time… without having to struggle with it.

But just your Want actually inspires everything to just happen the way you want it.

Love, Rori

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