What Exactly IS a “Bitch?” – Part 2

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In trying to define what a “bitch” is – taking into account what OTHER people (men especially) think about that word, we get into the idea of Masculine and Feminine Energy, which is at the core of my methods.

Even though much of the world has changed, and women are getting ever-more successful everywhere, we ALL are still facing the same challenge of how and when to use our Feminine energies and sensibilities. It’s a really challenging thing – how can we be independent and successful and STRONG, and still have the sensuality, the softness, the LACK of action that pretty much defines Feminine energy. How can we really USE our Masculine energies without being considered “bitchy,” and how can we use our Feminine energies without thinking of ourselves as “weak”?

Well – what if “bitch” is just what happens when we stuff down our FEMININE energy? What if it has nothing to do with acting like a man at all? What if “bitch” is just our screaming Feminine using “bitchy” WORDS?

Why “bitches” seem to get more attention from men than “nice girls,” and even when a woman gets labeled a “bitch” she also seems to get a bit of RESPECT from a man, is because, at least, the REAL Feminine is COMING OUT.

It may not be pretty, it may not feel good to him, but he GETS that it’s REAL FEELING.

We’ve all learned to be so careful, we’ve almost made it impossible for a man to see who we really are. We’ve almost made it impossible to be “Imperfect,” and so it’s hard for a man to feel HE can be Imperfect AROUND us. It’s a pretty complex system, and we HAVE TO TEAR THAT SYSTEM DOWN!

Being “bitchy” is just not knowing the words to truly express your Feminine Energy in a way that a man can hear, and that feels SAFE, lovely, inviting and SEXY to him.

So, next post, let’s talk about WORDS…

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