What Exactly Is The Origin Of The Feminine Energy Concept?


First of all, there’s a whole history to this whole concept of Feminine Energy.

It began, for me, with Shirley Luthman’s books. Shirley then passed the baton to Shakti Gawain.

Then the baton passed to Pat Allen, who’s written great books that’ve helped us so much in differentiating Feminine Energy from masculine energy.

Yet, after reading so much by these great women authors, I felt frustrated.

What I was feeling – that then both drove me and inspired me into doing what I’ve been doing all this time as a writer and coach – is that there was never a sufficient how to.

How…well, any of it.

Basically: How does it feel to me to be in my Feminine Energy?

I understand that I’m supposed to be there, but how, how do I do it when I feel stressed?

How do I do it when I’m at work?

What does it mean? What does it feel like?

It’s all the rage now, talking about Feminine Energy.

An, yet, it’s so easy to make an intellectual concept about it, which is the exact opposite of Feminine Energy.

So, my thought is that we are in transition.

My sense, my feeling is that we are in a transition because, when all of this was beginning, this concept of Feminine Energy, we were also, as women, embroiled in the need to get equality.

Equality financially and in the workplace.

So, we’ve been struggling all this time, and it feels never-ending.

Instead of taking our incredible, magnificent Feminine Energy into the workplace, we simply tried to get a seat at the table.

We were so focused – and still are – on just getting heard!, that we automatically adopted the “suit up”, masculine energy “way of doing”.

And not just in the workplace. In the whole world.

Success is aligned with what masculine energy looks like. And it becomes very confusing to us.

We feel we have to – and I felt this way, not that long ago – that we have to be like men in order to be heard and paid actual, real attention to.

And we then, because we KNOW it’s necessary, try to get back to being “like women” when we’re in romantic situations.

And that does not work.

I know, and you know, it doesn’t work.

We all deal with literal, daily work, and we don’t know how to do things differently from the masculine ideals because the world is built around the masculine principles of success in business.

Even all female-run businesses suffer from the masculine way of doing things.

Everything is built on this concept of masculine energy being in control of things, of mastering things, of order of structure…

And we all feel lost without that stuff because the alternative feels like chaos. Right?

And yet, yes, the chaos is what Feminine Energy is.

So, we could start with that – for me, the origin of the universe, the big bang, whatever.

What started the spark of life, whatever moved us all through space, regardless of whether you believe in a creator or not makes no difference the movement, the beginning of it.

And if you are a cosmology kind of wanna-a-be, like me, it is all violent and strange.

And seemingly chaotic.

To me, that is the origin of Feminine Energy. That is what we are. Growth, movement, burst.

Expansion. That is Feminine Energy, and you don’t get there through structure, top down, lined up, chapter-by-chapter organization.

That’s masculine energy.

And, though it’s hard to imagine being at work and being in life and handling kids from anything but that kind of energy, it truly does not work for us women who feel starved for a life of emotion, great health, great love, and a shining happiness.

Love, Rori

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