What If I WANT A “Feminine Energy” Man?

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The Question:

“I love what you say Rori, a woman’s feelings is fluid and if she takes another lover, its because her desire to feel sexy and beautiful and SEEN is greater than her desire to stay unhappy with a man who doesn’t make her feel that way.

That said, I am at loss Rori….I have used circular dating for years and met hundreds of men but have been very selective.

I use my feelings to date around and have fun, take lovers, and more but my mind pulls away and I shut down, worry that I may face rejection if these men know who I am.

But time and again I find myself preferring and falling and being pulled towards more feminine energy men. And its never worked out, they lean back and I lean back and this relationship doesn’t necessarily even go anywhere. But these men are able to make me feel so alive, utterly beautiful, taken care of, and like a GODDESS during sex…..but they do not initiate and tend to wait around when it comes to initiating dates or moving things forward.

They are listening, anticipating or some play games and pull back/outgirl you. But they are so highly masculine during sex/giving that I completely surrender to them. They are my best lovers time and again.

I have gone on to date many a masculine men, but there is not absolutely no emotional connection.

They’re highly predictable, sure, and easygoing and even sex can be physically rewarding but not emotionally at all. There is a disconnection and I am ‘feeling’ not into it.

I am open to masculine men and they chase me and they want to win my heart, but none has made me feel emotionally met as a more feminine energy man can. What do I do? I love feminine energy men but I don’t know how to make it work as I am always leaning back (never calling/never texting, etc).

Masculine men are good men but they are boring, unemotional. not receptive to my emotional needs nor do they pique my interest but I enjoy talking/bantering/playful times with them only. I need advice. Thank you

My Answer:

Butterfly – perhaps you’re the perfect woman to rest in her “alpha masculine” and be with a feminine energy man!

We ALL love feminine energy men…

They are artistic, and soft, and easy to talk with, and emotional, and they listen!

And many masculine energy men have these qualities – yet, perhaps you’d like to be the more masculine partner!

So – go for it, girl!!!

Attract feminine men who WANT you to make decisions, give directions, all the things that are OPPOSITE of The Modern Siren Tools!

The only thing to know is that even though they may be primarily “feminine” as you experience it – they are still MEN.

Meaning, you cannot “make them wrong” or talk to them in a disrespectful tone or with blaming or controlling words.

You STILL get to speak in Feeling Messages, and you still get to be in your feminine whenever you like!!!!

The thing is, you will not likely have that “provided for” feeling. You may yearn for him to “step up” occasionally.

This is a choice we all make – and I want you to learn to trust yourself, trust your inner emotional self, and make  yourself happy with each choice.

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Love, Rori

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