What If You Don’t Need to Be Touched?


Just a few weeks ago, I posted two new videos on Youtube, where I talked about this:

“Feeling isolated isn’t just mentally icky, it wrecks your whole body’s NEED for human touch.”

And I got an answer from “M” – that I wanted to answer personally, and here on the blog:

“Rori, Not true. Everyone does NOT like to be touched. I don’t.

Don’t want it, don’t need it.

I’m perfectly fine being alone, and I’ll be perfectly fine if I’m alone indefinitely.

And yes, I was married, and yes, I have had relationships.

However, unlike many, I am perfectly capable of being alone and not feel isolated, pandemic or no pandemic.

People just don’t know how deal with being by themselves and enjoying the peace and serenity of their own company.

Perhaps THIS is something you should teach people to do. Please don’t put people into categories.

We are not all the same.

As far as touching oneself as you recommended? Ughh!!! M”

My Answer:

Hi, this is Rori – and I’d like to ask, if you’d like to answer: What is it you’re looking for? What brought you to my website?

And, yes, I agree absolutely, it’s crucial to enjoy being alone (I’m a fairly solitary person myself, which is why being a solo entrepreneur works so well for me…) – and, yes, everyone has diffferent sensual and seual preferences, needs and wants.

In the videos and programs I create, I try to talk to difference preferences in different videos as much as possible.

This one was for, and I’m sure you wouldn’t argue – not for ALL women, but definitely for MANY (if not MOST) women.

Feeling peaceful and serene in my own company does not, for me, mean I have no sensations.

I want to feel the sensation of food, or fabric, or cold and warm tea, or my dog, my cat, my couch, my pillow, my bed sheets, and yes, the touch of someone who’s touch feels good.

If you’d be willing to let me know what you’d like a video or article that might be helpful to you, please do, and I’ll create something!

You are absolutely right – there are SO many women with SO many different preferences, feelings, wants and needs, I would love to talk with women who share yours!

Love, Rori

And here are the videos!:

Part 1: Feeling isolated isn’t just mentally icky, it wrecks your whole body’s NEED for human touch.

Can you take care of that – by yourself?

You’d be surprised what can happen when you completely commit to making yourself feel good and happy – for even 30 seconds…

Part 2: When a man is standing or sitting in the same room with you – and not touching you – it’s painful.

It makes you want to “do” something!

It makes any of us want to “do” something – to speak to him, to go over to him and touch him, to do something sexy to make him interested …and everything sort of ends in frustration and a bad feeling that WE had to be the one to “ask” him for attention and affection.

It feels especially bad when we fell rebuffed because he’s “busy,” or “not in the mood,” or just doing something else…

I mean, “why can’t he just GIVE you attention, affection, touching…”?

If the dynamic in your relationship has sort of frozen you in this way – where you end up WANTING more than he seems to be giving – this video is a start, and if you’d like private coaching, with up to THREE great Rori Raye coaches for three full-hour private sessions over Zoom, PLUS 24/7 support and coaching over Voxer/What’s App voice messaging! – you can be talking with a great coach who “gets” you, and can help you “shake things up” with a man right now in the Siren Circle Private Coaching Program – here: https://www.coachrori.com/siren-school-siren-circle/

Love, Rori

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