What Is Circular Dating? An Interview With Coach Katelyn Kent


From Rori: The brilliant Katelyn Kent was asked to contribute to a national magazine article on “dating” – and allowed me to share with you the basic questions that were asked of her during her interview, along with her answers:

From Katelyn Kent:

“What is Circular Dating, and what makes Circular Dating different than “dating with keeping your options open”?

Circular Dating is a concept and process created by Rori Raye for women whose goal it is to become the best version of themselves.

Although dating is used as a tool and successful partnership and/or marriage may be an end goal in its usage, it much more than “dating with keeping options open.”

  1. It is a way to meet many different kinds of men.
  2. It allows a woman to learn what qualities she really prefers and admires in a partner and what she does not.
  3. It allows a woman to examine and reevaluate her own patterns and belief systems about men, dating, marriage and life in general.
  4. It allows a woman to see or perhaps discover for the first time, her true worth and value as a means of boosting healthy self esteem.
  5. It is a proven and even fun way for a woman to discover and explore and affirm every part of herself.

By using Circular Dating in this way, can you see how it is a win-win for both men and women? It isn’t an us vs. them thing.

Think of it this way,  If a woman is her highest and best self, then it allows space for a man to also explore his highest and best self. 

And if both partners are operating from the best of who they can be as humans, and continue to encourage each other in this way— who knows the impact this little tool could have on lets say, the divorce rate or how children are raised? 

The way most humans were raised to “do” relationships is flawed. 

Think back on your own experiences. 

You do not have to believe me. 

Women especially, have to start thinking bigger. 

How is Circular Dating practiced with single and married women?

With both single and married women the basic intent is exactly the same.

“How can I operate around people in a way that empowers my highest and best self thus encouraging healthy relationships with others including my parter or if you are single, potential partners?”

Circular Dating can be practiced with the grocery store clerk, the postmen, the person in the checkout line.  It is not limited to romantic relationships and yet it includes and highlights these for both married and single women.

For example:  It would be inappropriate or perhaps unwise for a married woman to put herself on a dating app and go on coffee dates with strangers.

At the very least, even innocent “dates” would be disrespectful and would not honor a marriage.

And never do I suggest anything like that for married women.

But it would be perfectly appropriate for a married woman to explore her style of communicating and being; (her general “vibe” as it were),  around guests at a dinner party or a social occasion.

For a single woman whose goal it is to partner with the right man for her, the commonly accepted process of “dating” is included in the Circular Dating equation, but it is amended to include a few simple rules as outlined in Rori Raye certified coaching programs.

As a Rori Raye certified coach, I am trained in the science and art of Circular Dating and much more.

I can honestly say, from personal experience, that Circular Dating has changed how I view myself, men and the world around me.

And I will never go back to the way I used to be and see.

When it comes to feminine energy, what does that mean and how does a woman tap into her feminine energy when it comes to being in a relationship?

Why does a woman want to be in her feminine energy in a relationship?

Feminine and Masculine energy is not a new thing.

The 2 opposite and complementary energy sources have been around as long as humans have walked the planet.

I believe men and women possess both masculine and feminine energy traits as a function of being human.

We use either or both in varying degrees in the way we present ourselves to the world. Circular Dating helps us to identify and then choose when either “vibe” is appropriate.

I think what gets confusing about identifying Masculine and Feminine energy is we tend to sexualize them as the masculine being primary and feminine secondary.

That is just not the case.

As I said before, they are both equal, complimentary and necessary, but nowhere is it said that one is better or preferred over the other.

The answer to the question of when a woman should use either is, “It depends.”

There are 2 important rules of simple physics (loosely quoted), to keep in mind when trying to manage masculine or feminine energy:

  1. 2 things cannot occupy the same space at the same time.
  2. All things in nature seek balance or equilibrium.

The theory, in generalized terms, is that when a woman is operating from her Divine Feminine or feminine energy, she allows space for a man to show up in his Divine Masculine or masculine energy. 

We are assuming that a man operates most comfortably, relaxed and naturally when he is operating from his authentic and natural state; that which is masculine. 

We are also assessing that a woman can relax and be her most authentic self when operating around a man in her natural state or that which is feminine. 

Since 2 things cannot occupy the same place at the same time and all things in nature seek balance and equilibrium, the friction in relationships often happens when both partners are embodying the same or similar energies. 

When a woman is embodying her masculine side for example, the man cannot also embody his. 

Something has got to give. 

The trick is balance.  And women have a beautiful natural power. 

We have the ability to create that balance.

It is one of our many gifts as women. 

Too bad we are the last to know.

Being in the more feminine role might seem passive to a lot of modern women.

Does “Leaning Back” mean not being assertive?

What’s the key in being feminine but also rooted in your integrity and having boundaries?

That is an excellent question.

It is a lie that being in your feminine energy is passive.

It is anything but passive.

Have you ever seen a woman who is fierce in her femininity?

Do the names Maya Angelou or perhaps Brene Brown ring a bell?

I will ask you one question:  “When is making an active choice completely un-coerced, to be or do something in order to attain the highest or best good for all involved ever a passive or subordinate thing?

Feminine energy is only viewed as less than when you sexualize the male as primary and the female as secondary.

And that is perhaps the greatest lie we were ever asked to buy into as women.

We as women are only as strong as the amount of clarity we have about what our natural state as female is.

Why would you recommend circular dating? Does it work for everyone?


I coach women to mindfully be able to identify,  recognize and facilitate when they are operating from their feminine side or masculine side, when is each useful, not useful, and why.

Love, Katelyn

FromRori: Katelyn is amazing. She is an Equine Therapist as well as a brilliant coach – and you can learn more about how that all works, learn about Katelyn herself, get a question answered, set up a free complimentary coaching session, or just contact her here:




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