What To Do If He’s Freezing You Out Emotionally

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Hi, I’m in the middle of gorgeous winter, the sun is bright shining in my eyes…

And what’s the difference between being frozen out by a cold man and feeling the sun and the warmth shining on you?

This is where we get confused with a man who’s “hot” and then “cold”.

Sometimes with him, we feel the sun coming out from behind the clouds.

But most of the time we feel frozen.

We feel frozen in anxiety and fear and worry and yearning for him.

And if the physical connection is strong, it really messes with our heads.

Let me know if this is happening to you… that the sun comes through the clouds with him, but then the freezing cold is kind of just always there underneath the surface – and you just know he can’t make the distance between where he is and where you are.

Sometimes he thrusts himself at you, literally.

Sometimes he can encompass you, sometimes he can embrace you.

Sometimes he can say he loves you, sometimes he can seem like he loves you.

But actually, his entire demeanor and the sense of him is that he’s holding back.

And he’s holding back because he just can’t not hold back… he doesn’t have the ability to know how to give to you – even though he might want to, and you can feel the want.

That’s the sun that he might have.

But you can’t feel the result of it.

So it’s sun and clouds and then sun and clouds and then sun and clouds…and sometimes it’s below freezing and sometimes it’s above freezing, but almost all the time you feel sort of cold.

Let me know if you’re experiencing this.

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Love, Rori

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