What To Do If You’re Feeling Disappointed In Love (Or Business!) – Video

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At some point, we all run into disappointment.

Disappointments in love – and because I’m so deep into and concerned about how we access and use our Feminine Energy in Business and the Workplace: disappointment in work and business too:

So, disappointment about anything – Obviously has to do with expectations, right?

I expect this to happen. I hope this will happen.

So when this doesn’t happen, my dream, my imagination, my vision board – I feel a sense of letdown.

So, if you recognize all of these disappointments personally, please write me in the comments, or send me a message here on the blog (contact boxes everywhere!) about how you experience disappointment and ‘let down’ and how that affects you…and I’ll get back to you!

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– so wanting to get more of the gloriousness of how you can go to work, run a business, practically run the world completely from feminine energy. And navigate disappointment.

As we all know, disappointment happens at work.

So with love, here’s a specific, a more specific scenario:

When you are in the dating scene, when you are connecting, where you’re making new connections, first contacts. The honeymoon period of love.

This great connection where you feel the excitement, you see the interest, you feel that connection and you’re communicating quite a lot.

There’s a lot of communication happening.

And then somewhere in that period, it doesn’t feel as good.

We were excited. And then it’s like the dopamine isn’t there anymore.

I mean, that’s one way to explain it. And yet – how do you deal with that disappointment where you’re not, or when do you go into sharing with a new connection that the communication doesn’t feel so good to you?

There are so many answers in the video, and I’d love to hear from you about your own unique situation.

Love, Rori

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