What To Do When A Man Goes Cold – Help From Coach Sanaz Shiraz

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It’s a very tough situation, when a man who has been showing his love before, becomes cold…
Our automatic reaction is – we feel scared to lose him..
We blame ourselves to have done many things wrong, and out of these feelings, we automatically tend to try harder, share our worries and feelings about the situation, show our affection, or even get numb as well…AND yet: any of these reactions push a man even further back…

Here is the coaching:
1) Be with the situation, don’t try to change him or the outcome
2) Bring the focus back to yourself and that not as a strategy for trying to bring him back or control the outcome, but as a commitment to yourself to love yourself first, specially in this difficult situation
3) How can you concretely do that?
Notice, how do the fear, worry, blame, guilt or any of your emotions and reactions (fight, flight or freeze) show up in your body?
Stay open once you feel the pain, give regularly your love and empathy to any of these body parts and any of these feelings (use touch and loving words)…
And like another wing to fly:
Concentrate on what YOU -independent of him- love, what makes you feel good, what you love to do..
What makes you feel connected with your body, sensuality, feminine energy, presence and joyfulness and go for them.
For example, apply Rori’s dance position.
What if (imagine) you reconnect with your natural inner star, which shines not only for him, not only dependent of his attention but for warming up yourself and your surroundings…
You absolutely can do that, once you are relaxed, open and allow that shine go out…
Lots of Love, Sanaz
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