What to do when he changes his mind about commitment after you have sex

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relationship adviceThe Question:

I purchased your Siren Program last fall. As I have been utilizing some of the information found in the program, I am running into a problem.

Scenario: I date a guy for a couple of months. He asks for commitment. I say yes because thus far we have the same vision about marriage, family, children. We move our relationship forward and are intimate.

Upon getting what he wants, physically, he steps away from the vision with statement like I am not sure about kids, etc. Clearly when this happens the man was lying however, how does a Siren prevent this from happening?

Meaning, how does she know that her man has good character after X months of dating?Can you comment on how one should know? Thank you, Elle

My Answer:

Elle, The answer is ALWAYS Circular Dating.

In other words – you do NOT become exclusive and committed “just to make it feel okay to you to have sex with him.”

Yes, this means you either have to get used to having sex without commitment, where you’d STILL dating,, kissing, etc. other men …

(The problem with “holding off on sex” is that the man becomes focused on “getting sex with her” and isn’t even aware of how his FEELINGS for you are growing or not growing) – OR,

…just don’t have sex with anyone at all until you feel comfortable – whenever that is.

(The problem with that, is, without sex, it’s very, very hard to get truly connected to a man – because sex is how he expresses intimacy.

The optimum way for us ALL to be is to recognize that having sex is fun, healthy, good for EVERYTHING for women, and that we might focus on those good experiences instead of how sex relates to “commitment.”

If that’s not how you want to “roll” – then you’ll either have to simply not commit at all until you get a ring on your finger, OR – do exactly what you did, and sometimes get burned.

This is a HUGE issue for ALL women, and if religion is in the mix, it gets even harder. Please have faith that sooner or later, if you use the Modern Siren Tools, you’ll begin to FEEL how all this works, and you’ll ONLY attract men who are truly INTO YOU!

And here’s the part TWO: Attachment happens when we have sex, whether we make a big deal out of it or not, and we begin to have expectations.  Our demeanor and vibe changes.  We push men away.

If we can stop THAT process, and instead get even MORE soft, easy, happy, open, radiant…we’ll create an unstoppable romance and commitment will follow naturally!

Love, Rori


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