What To Do When He Says Or Does Something That Hurts Emotionally

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So, he’s saying something that hurts.

That feels like a separation, a disconnect.

You just sort of back up emotionally, maybe even physically step back…or, you start feeling the anger and rage boil up, your fists are clenched, your body gets tight, your face goes rigid…ready for a fight, ready to run, ready to swing, ready to swing at yourself instead.

If you’re on The Modern Siren “track” – a moment comes where you become aware of ALL of that!

You can feel your whole body tense, you can feel the words stuck inside you and wanting to come out and do damage to him, or push him away, or run away yourself and cut yourself off from him forever…extremes on all ends…and you realize it all! – that, oh my gosh, I feel this.!

So, if I’m on the love train I go, “You know what? I feel love for myself, I feel love for this room.”

Already that makes me want to cry. I feel love for my hand that tells me because I wanted to cry that I opened up.

I got off the mental train and I got onto the love train, and I opened up, and I felt sad. I felt moved. Very helpful. helpful catch.

So, he says this, and I feel this.

And now I love myself and I love this room and I love outside and I’m expanding, and I love life, I love being alive, I love feeling alive, and whatever’s going on here, I can feel it and I can express it in a different way.

I can say, “Ooh, I’m feeling a lump in my stomach.” He’ll probably go, “Huh? What?” I’m just feeling a lump in my stomach.

I want to make this absolutely clear – we’re not “excusing” him for bad behavior.  We’re not skipping over it, or ignoring it, or sweeping it under the rug.

All we’re doing here is becoming aware of everything we’re feeling and thinking.

Learning to feel everything we’re feeling instead of burying it, and, at the same time, processing it all in a way that allows you to “respond” with your truest feelings, instead of “reacting” with old patterns that don’t really mean anything for you

Responding with the deepest truthfulness you can unearth will get you to what you Want, and reacting will literally get you nowhere near what you Want.

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Once you learn the WANT 6-Steps, you’ll be amazed how much more confident, steady and “okay” you feel no matter what’s going on…and how men suddenly start to “hear” you, respond to you, and are willing to brave getting emotionally closer to you when you ask for what you want!

Love, Rori

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