What To Say When He Freezes You Out – Video

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Everything about ghosting, his dropping “contact” and disappearing, his taking a week “off” of connecting with you or texting with you can make us feel literally crazy.

We can feel like we’re missing something.

Like we did something, or didn’t do something that was crucial, that he picked up on, that changed everything between us.

And we instantly become determined to “fix” whatever happened.

As we start building that energy up of wanting to “fix” it – we literally start pushing our enrgy at him – which instantly pushes him away even further

If left alone, he most often calls or texts again… (If he doesn’t, then let’s look at how to quickly get past that painful experience and rise above it…a whole other video series…) – and this is the moment where you can make a difference – and feel SO much better!

To get help from brilliant coaches with the right words to say – and Tools to quickly drop into your Feminine Energy so you’ll draw him to hear what you say – try out the Siren Island Program here:

Love, Rori

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