When He Finally Thaws Out And Comes Back! Video

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“Hi, so he’s thawed out.

He’s returned from his man cave. He moves towards you like nothing ever happened when he pulled away.

But you’re still feeling resentment and a little bit often upset that he pulled away in the first place and went frozen on you.

So what do you do?

Well, this is where the warmth part of everything I always talk about comes in.

Yes, you feel everything.

You feel the real frustration and the anger and the resentment and how dare he and act as if nothing ever happened and how dare he be so cavalier about you and not caring and all those feelings are in you.

And you also have feelings of love for him, otherwise you wouldn’t be there with him, right?

You love him, you feel warm, you want to welcome him, you want to touch him,

you want him to hug you and be all over you, and you want him to contribute to the love feeling of your relationship again.

So that’s what you just simply entertain.

You feel all those things, which fills your energy, that makes you so radiant, all that emotional energy, and you go for the entertaining of the one that feels good to you …which is love!… so you smile, you open your heart.

You let yourself be open to him.

You let him move towards you.

You let there be connection, and you say something like feels so good to be connected with you again.

And it feels so good to be touched.

And ooh, feels good.

Just simple like ooh, feels good.

And then when you feel ready, you can start a conversation, you know?

I feel really weird and uncomfortable when I don’t hear from you.

And I don’t know what to do. Got any ideas?

He’ll just say, “Well, that’s your thing.”

“Well, that’s okay. okay?

So we’re gonna work further on that, but it’s the warmth that you’re choosing to express.

You’re not trying to stifle the other feelings – the anger and everything else.

You’re just choosing to express the love part while you’re feeling it all…and you can always feel able to express the icky stuff too… But right now, let’s just focus on choosing the warmth.

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Love, Rori


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