When He Goes…And Goes…And Goes…Help From Jeanie Wilder

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Sometimes we feel like we just can’t turn a guy loose.

It feels like we’re “losing” him – when the truth (and we usually can even SEE this!) is that he was never, ever even “there.”

There was never anything to lose.

The Question:

“I’m currently watching your complete collection (I just finished the Toxic Man program today) and I’m finding what you’re teaching so true and so useful. Even though I’m not in a relationship right now, I’m using your tools to learn what I did wrong in my past relationship and how I can heal and improve myself.

Here’s the thing:

Last January, I (re)started texting with a guy I’ve known since 2014. I deleted my facebook account last year and when I did it again in January I sent him a friend request and we started talking.

We went to the same university and hang out with a group of friends for some time.

The last time I saw him was at my graduation party.

Then we went separate ways: I had an off and on relationship with a toxic guy, and he had his own relationships for sure.

Even when we got in touch again last January he had a girlfriend.
I’ve always kinda liked this guy and he was kinda into me too even though, back in 2014 seemed to be like “the perfect guy at wrong timing”. I was soooo shy and insecure and he was right the opposite of me.

Now I’m so much less shy and much more secure and comfortable with myself, so I decided to let him know I kinda like him. He appreciated that and we kept the conversation alive.

At the beginning of March he let me know that he had broken up with his girlfriend and he wanted to see me but he didn’t want something serious.
I understood his position as I myself just got out of thay toxic relationship I was talking about before last December, so I was ok with keeping things simple: just sex and fun.

Than the Coronavirus madness happened and we were quarantining in different cities.

We started even sexting but then one day I said something that probably turned him off: I said that I was afraid that he was seeing me like an object.

He told me that if I wasn’t ok with the “only sex thing” I could tell him right away ‘cause he didn’t want to make me suffer or anything.
But part of me TRULY WANTED to have sex with him. I wanted that even back in 2014.

So, we kept in touch during the whole quarantine. At the beginning of May he got back to my city and we were supposed to meet. He invited me at his house and we had everything settled.

But then we postponed our date to a indefinite time.

Well, I’m still waiting for it. And I can’t understand why it’s taking him so long.

I told him he could tell me if he didn’t want to see me, I’m a grown up woman and I can handle that. But he says that wasn’t the problem: he said he’s just going through a lot right now and even the thought of organizing a date with me feels too much.

But he keep texting me. Oh well, I do that too.

The other day I posted a picture on instagram and he wrote me I was near to his house (and I didn’t know that). So I asked him if he wanted to grab a coffee with me and a girl friend of mine but he said he was working.

So I told him we could meet up later (without my friend) and he said “yeah, sure, I’ll let you know if I make it cause I have an appointment at 9pm”. But, again, he texted me saying that he could make it and we will meet another day. Help, Please…”

Jeanie Wilder’s Answer:

Dear “Need Help…” I’m Love Coach Jeanie Wilder, and though you’re not my client, I’d LOVE to share with you my thoughts and ideas around your situation and how to get the love life you WANT!

First of all, I have a deep feeling you want more~ so do this with me now~Feel into your core and see what your happily-ever-after looks like in a relationship: do you want marriage, kids, or long-term love on a deep partnership level?

Most women who come to Love Coaches do, and once we know this about YOU, then we can take you there. But you must be clear and honest with yourself first then we can pull in the masculine energy man who can take you there!

And you get there by REALLY hearing this man say what he already said to you: he’s not wanting something serious.

This, my dear, should turn you off if YOU DO, but instead it actually turns you ON!

You lean in and think about him even more as he’s distancing from you. All women feel this way and you heal it by doing this next thing:

Get onto Tinder and fill up your dance card with lots of eligible bachelors; men who want what YOU want and are qualified to take you there.

Don’t wait for any one man ever again to not come around,  this is lowering your value in his eyes and in the eyes of all men.

And waiting for a man makes you feel a sense of loneliness, longing, unease–These are the exact opposite of what you WANT: to feel loved-up, cherished and deep ease with a man.

I have just the thing for you if you are ready for a change – my program for brilliant ladies who aren’t getting the love they want to enter the game of online dating with confidence clarity and certainty in their high value and attract good men who want what you want and can take you there! ->

It’s at https://jeaniewilder.com/rori-raye-tear-it-up-on-tinder-masterclass-with-love-coach-jeanie-wilder

Siren Circle is a great place to explore your feminine energy too ~ link here: https://www.coachrori.com/siren-school-siren-circle/

Hope this helped and I wish you all the love in the world…. xox Jeanie 

Your Trusty Love Coach, Jeanie Wilder 

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