The Question:

Hi Rori – bought Modern Siren program, and it is brilliant insight.

My situation is that my live-in boyfriend of 2 yrs, who was always so and more into me than him, barely argue, easy going – suddenly needed space with little indication why but he just “wasn’t into it and treating me how he normally would” so he took most of his belongings and went to stay with friends.

His issue is not communicating. So – how do I implement these Rori Raye guidelines with his not being around and distant – but physically distant (barely even texting) and also if HE is the non-communicator of the relationship?

I will implement these techniques into this relationship, but long term if he has trouble communicating, how does that work?

I genuinely believe we were brought together by divine intervention and are made for each other. We are known as “that” couple. How do I get him moved back home when we aren’t talking a lot and on this path to better communication? Shocked…”

Natalina Love’s Answer:

Hi, “Shocked,” this is Natalina, I’m so glad you found Rori and her amazing Modern Siren tools, and I’m so sorry you are experiencing such a disconnect with your man.

You say he just up and left without much to say about  where he is coming from, or what he needs and communication has never been an especially strong point for him ….

…this communication patterning has likely not been helping your relationship…I’m sorry to hear that…

Poor communication skills, I hear you,  are not ideal, yet skills are learnable and I would say this is fixable. 

Regarding the modern siren tools that you are working with – GOOD!

I’m so glad you have already started practicing working with the tools and concepts in Rori’s programs, as you work with the tools and start seeing results for yourself, I know you’ll be amazed…

…one reason why Rori’s tools work so beautifully to restoring and elevating relationship bliss is that the tools focus on YOU and an awareness of the energy exchange that naturally occurs in all relationships.

From this perspective, it wouldn’t matter if your man were to be  on the moon, Mars, or Jupiter…. The energy exchange that happens between a modern siren and her man is irresistibly magnetic, compelling and transformative. 

While no one can guarantee this man is ready for a relationship, or any other life changes he may find himself being asked to make for the sake of relationship, Sticking with your practice of the tools will ensure that you get to experience the relationship you deeply desire with a great man who is ready. 

This is by far the surest path to seeing if this man can and wants to meet you in this relationship in a deeper way, so please don’t get discouraged….

Seeing you say that you feel this relationship is a divine intervention itself – I have every faith in you.  

When I’ve had impressions like this, and I’m more inclined now than ever before to believe that every relationship, and every person who walks into our life for a moment or any amount of time longer than that… is a divine gift. 

For you, I hope it allows you to surrender to the love in the unknown, the tools certainly help though, and if you’d like additional support working with the tools – Check out The Siren Circle Private coaching Program.  
here’s the link:

The first week dives into understanding the energy exchange and how the flow of energy has been moving to and through you. 

You’ll have 3 full hour coaching sessions with Siren Coaches, Siren School Worksheets for each session,  program manual, and additional Siren Coach Support Via voxer and email.

It sounds like your relationships are ready for an elevated sense of connection, verbally and emotionally and in every way… the communication skills are simple enough to learn…It takes practice and patience…but it’s more than doable, and I think you may like working on this with us in Siren Circle.