When He’s Not All Over You….

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Here’s a great series of Scripts from Coach Natalina Love (the Lead Coach on Siren Island!) for speaking with a man you’ve begun to date who is NOT pushing you for sex (he’s SUPPOSED to be pushing you, or at least clearly heading in that direction…), and you don’t know what to say to him or how to say it:

From Natalina:

First, say this truth to yourself: “I feel fear that speaking will have him shut the whole relationship down.”

Then, Natalina Asks YOU: Is there a part of yourself that is ready to shut the whole thing down?

Next, some Scripts to ask HIM: “I feel so excited going out with you, and. I’m also feeling a bit in the dark….

…is this gentleman behavior….?

..I’m really starting to wonder if there is something else I should know about kissing…affection…

I love kissing….

I’m feeling confused about what to expect here

What are you thinking…?”

From Rori:

AND – you must get into Practice!

The Zen of Love is all around the spiritual “practice” of Circular Dating.

This is how you discover red flags for men who are gay but still dating women, who have no libido or a confused and traumatic view of sex, men whose religion is overriding their instincts, men who are simply clueless and respond well to Scripts like Natalina’s (this can be GOLD for you!), men who truly just want to be friends with you (NOT what you want…) – all manner and shape of men and their unique personalities and backgrounds.

And this is where you learn, “in the field!” – how to navigate these situations until you begin to bring in the kind of man you WANT!!!!

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Love, Rori

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