When He’s Physically Passive – How To Rev Him Up

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I have had so many experiences with men (first husband included) who needed me to come to them.

Or it SEEMED like they did.

There are ways to baby-step him up….and you have to discover those through trial-and-error.

Try touching him with your feet, and massaging his body with your toes.

Try turning backwards and moving closer to him…try laying there and touching yourself all over – he’ll notice and join in…

We all want to be pushed up against a wall and made love to – like in the “bodice ripper” romance novels – and, truly, for most people, that also feels way too aggressive in real life.

There were a couple of movie scenes – one with Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg when they were in a real-life romance, too – where they threw each other all around the room and into the walls, and one in the TV show Moonlighting where Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd finally threw each other all over the floor and furniture.

It felt like passion because they were BOTH doing it – AND the man was more than holding his own. I think the problem here, and for most women, is the men are simply “passive.”
They don’t give enough energy to make it feel like passion. So you have to retrain him!

You have to discover some “educational porn” – personallifemedia.com has some great stuff (not an affiliate…).., you have to discover your inner porn star/sex goddess and how she moves and what she wants.

Surrendering is wonderful just lying there….and it’s also surrendering to yourself to lie there, totally focused on letting go of all tension, melting into the bed, the couch, the chair, the floor, and then seeing where your own instincts take you for touch and movement.

Once you practice getting that going – worrying about his moves become irrelevant – he just joins in the dance….

Love, Rori

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