When It’s Not Going Well – Try This From Coach Eva Elly

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From Eva Elly:

Last week things were not going really as I had hoped. And I found myself regretful, resisting the development of things.

I started to feel an urgency…like if my masculine energy wanted to do something, just anything, to get me out of this feeling of stuckness.

But then I remembered…the pain is not in feeling itself.

It’s in the resistance.

When we resist “what is”, we resist life.

We say “No” to ourselves, and to the love that we can experience when we allow ourselves to be, and the reality to be, just as it is.

And as I surrendered to “what is”…really let go…radically accepted that this is how it is…a sudden peace entered me.

I felt filled with joy again. I felt new hope.

I could see the love and the colours of my life and emotional landscape.

Surrender is to give up on expectations.

Surrender is to allow. Surrender is to be at ease.

Surrender brings joy.

And surrender in love, with a man, is a passion booster ❤️

So how do you feel about surrendering?

Is it difficult for you to let go and accept things?

Do you find an urge to control and manage, your life, your job or your man?

Using some of my feminine energy tools will help you surrender in a way that feels powerful…I know it’s contradictory, surrender and powerful in the same sentence…

But that is how it works.

It’s all about how we connect with our hearts.

Love, Eva

From Rori: You can work with Eva through the Siren Circle Private Coaching Program here->

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