When The Pain Hits, There’s Nothing To Do But Sink Into It


The Question:

“Rori, I’m hurting so much, I feel like I’m in the middle of a breakup, and it’ll never end, but we’re not broken up…I’m using your Tools, and everything feels so much better – and I feel terrified it’ll all end.  Help! Miserable and scared.”

My Answer:

I know how awful this sounds, yet, I’ve seen client after client, and heard reader after reader, and experienced myself get through horrific moments like this in a brilliant way.

I know you can do it.

The very sad truth is – these moments and situations hurt.

They hurt like hell, and there is no way to get through them except to

feel them.

I know it sounds terrible, yet actually feeling the horror, allowing yourself to sink down to the floor with the pain, scream and cry, is the best way to go through it.

Your deeper self will feel freer, your energy will loosen up, your system will absorb the pain so much better than trying to fight it, and something that feels like peace and love will take over from the terror and fury and pain.

On an even deeper level, none of us have control over anything where another person is involved.
And trying to control them, even by trying to guess what they’re thinking, just doesn’t work.
It wrecks your vibe and dampens things.
We each have our own paths, our own journeys, and the only way we can ever know if someone is meant to be beside us is if they ARE.
So – let’s give this guy a chance.
Let’s give him some air, some time, some breathing space, some peace – so that YOU feel better, so your energy becomes more serene instead of desperate for a solution.
The most powerfully attractive kind of energy you can have is this peaceful, high belief in yourself,and you can’t try to coat it on top of all the pain.
You have to go through the pain, and the love and peaceful “vibe” is beneath all that.
If this sounds like spiritual mumbo-jumbo to you, I’m so sorry, it’s what’s saved me in my own life, and helped everyone I’ve ever helped.
The big, amazing thing is – as you sink into your pain, stop resisting it and running from it – you become so much more emotionally available, vulnerable, authentic and attractive.
These are all the things a man needs to see in you, to feel “through” you – so he can allow himself to get close TO you.
I know.
It feels like it should be the other way around. Hold onto your emotions. Stiff upper lip. All that.
But that isn’t how it works.
You can DO this!
Keep doing what you’re doing with the Modern Siren Tools that’s working for you, and keep sinking into whatever you feel.
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Love, Rori



Rori Raye


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