When We Give – He Doesn’t Feel Attracted

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If you’re giving and giving, and he’s taking and taking, and suddenly you realize you have nothing – nothing from him but pain, here’s the truth about it:

“Rori, I’ve recently decided to end it with my man. We haven’t lived together for over a year while I gave him that whole time to “change” for the sake of having me back.

Well to make the story short, I realized he will never change and will never treat me with the respect and love me and my daughter deserve.

I was there for him while he was going through hell with his kids mother.

I was his support and gave so much of me to see him happy.

What hurts the most is that he never put a stop to his crazy ex while she got in the way of our happiness.

Now he’s back with her and I need help getting over this and moving on.

I know I deserve to find someone who will treat me good.

I still have feelings for him because all it would have taken would be for him to put a stop to her and for him to better himself for our daughter and me.

Why did he go back to the person who did horrible things to him, when he could have had me, the one who gave up her dreams just to live a happy life with the person she fell in love with? Ann

My Answer:

Ann, This is Rori, and I’m so sorry for your pain – and your situation is classic.

Textbook, really.

I can’t tell you how many women I’ve spoken to who’ve been treated as you describe after they gave so much to a man, as you’ve done.

 And – this is why the Modern Siren system works – it understands that men don’t work this way we believe they do.
The more we give to them, the more they begin to think of us as their mother, and the less emotional and physical connection they feel to us. 
Men are attracted to edgy, dangerous, even mean women because they are sexually attracted to that for their own inner reasons that are not necessarily reasonable.
AND – A man who doesn’t run from too much edge, danger and mean has a damage inside him that we can’t fix.
I encourage you to go here and get a coach for a month: https://www.coachrori.com/siren-school-choose-your-coach/
Love, Rori



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