When You Feel Ready To Give Up On Love


The Question:

“Hi Rori, I don’t know what kind of coaching you offer at the moment, but maybe I just want someone’s shoulder to cry on – I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever get a man I like or that I’ll ever be in a relationship.

Already in my 40s and the only thing guys I was attracted to wanted from me was one thing. Sex.

The topic alone embarrasses me and I find myself totally in denial when I meet a cute guy. I don’t know how to handle these emotions of attraction AT ALL!  Feeling Hopeless, Jean”

The Answer From Coach Natalina Love:

Dear Jean:

Hi, this is Natalina Love. I’m one of Rori’s Trained Coaches and the Siren School Director. I appreciate your letter, thank you for sharing how you are, where you’ve been what you have tried and what you still want…

I can also resonate with wanting a shoulder to cry on and just feeling like every day your chances of finding the fulfilling love relationship you want being less like reality…

I really get that, and I’m glad that you’ve found Rori’s work. These pains are exactly what Rori’s tools can help transform into pathways to love.

What you are talking about, the ‘how’s’ around healing your emotions, and developing empowered intimacy (sexually and in all other ways!), cultivating an empowered emotional world all of that is very do-able regardless of age. 40 is still so young!!!

Perhaps someday this will be a collective realization for women – that we don’t ‘lose out’ because of our age and soften the discord between our past self and future self…

Personally, I’ve worked with women with similar age wounds and love stories feeling ‘too old’ to be loved completely (even by age 21!!) so I really understand how nasty of a thought prison it can be for any of us and seeing so many more women thriving in love and life in their 60’s and beyond… It just doesn’t have to be this way.

We can absolutely heal and have beautiful relationships no matter where we are finding ourselves in the moment, no matter what our age is.

I firmly believe that, and extend that belief for you as well.

We only have more love to discover.

As Rori says, our job is just to take down all our barriers to love – because it is always around us, closer than we think.

So what if you could get the affection and attention, love and support you want from a great man that turns you on?

What if he – and the love you want to share – what if all of that really was closer than you thought possible?

Here’s a few quick coaching prompts:

1. Just notice any initial resistance to the suggestion. If any….

Notice where it is – if it shows up as a resistant thought – perhaps to help keep you safe from disappointment, or to keep your energy safe from investing and hoping …

This exploration can become a super tool for you in cutting away the thorns and brambles from your heart… so you’ll be able to recognize and receive the love you desire.

And it is just a start even though it’s also a HUGE catalyst to clearing your path to receiving love – you can still expect the whole ocean of love and (BIG EMOTIONS!) To come crashing over you.

And that will be both scary and exciting as you go along. We are healing big stuff.

Many of us, when we find ourselves in a paradigm of just not ever really being able to connect with the men we want… There’s bigger work at play.

2. My second invitation – and please don’t blow this off, as it sounds like what every dating exploration “check list” that often backfires on the list maker…. BUT!:

The exploration of getting intimately familiar with what you look for in men – what stands out to you about them – what is attractive – what you admire, respect, and feel drawn to about the men you like, this information, treated as information and not as a ‘standard’s checklist’ can also help you tune-into the ‘love channel’.

It can help you get on the same frequency as a man who is ready NOW to be with you, love you, and give to you in the most romantic ways. (And for you to be ready for him to give to you when that happens.)

So,  How do you see your dream man… explore that, and then we can take that information to help you invite him in without all the struggle.

3. The 3rd thing here is the emotions part, which you’ll find entwined within each step of the way, and that’s a good thing.

Being able to access your emotions – even when it may start as a scary mess…. That’s ok!

The more able we are to be with the messy emotions inside of ourselves – the bigger our ability becomes to receive all the connection and closeness we crave, and we CAN ABSOLUTELY baby step this process… we have to, but it can be a beautiful process.

Jean, in a few broad strokes, this is how I see your coaching journey unfolding from here:

I can arrange for you to meet with one of our coaches who specializes in what you’d most like help with – sex, emotions, dating, relationship…and all of it! – through Siren School for one or more sessions:

1. The Sirenity Program: $477, offers 4 weeks of Sirenity Coaching with experienced, wll-known Rori Raye trained coaches. and you would be welcome to work with me via zoom and email if you like through this Sirenity Private Coaching program. We’ll work together in 3 full hour zoom sessions (3 x 60 minute sessions) and communicate over voxer or email between sessions for integration.

2.The Siren Circle Program: $297, also 4 weeks of 3 hour sessions and support and coaching over voxer or email between sessions, with newer – yet excellent! – Rori Raye coaches, here->


Rori herself is incredibly high-priced as a coach ($1295 for a 90 minute session) because she so believes in Siren School and her coaches and wants to refer to them primarily.

I look forward to making sure you get what you need, and get what you want.

Love, Natalina

Siren School Director



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