When You’re Afraid Of What Will Happen If You Do Or Say…Anything At All

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Thank you for your comments about this video – about “feeling afraid of other people becoming mad at us, or thinking less of us….”and sharing how this particular “fear” is spreading out in your life…

…it’s amazing how – when the thing I fear doesn’t come “true” – I relax.

It’s as though a huge iron rock has been lifted from me.

The trick is, then, to allow that “rock” to just float up, without ANY changes in the outer world.

Regardless of what happens out there, what anyone says or thinks.

This is how very successful people – in any area – work.

They trust themselves, forgive themselves, believe in themselves – believe they are good and trustworthy…all we need to do is get a LITTLE, TINY bit of that going inside ourselves.

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Love, Rori


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