When You’re Afraid To Speak – From Natalina Love

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From Natalina Love, the Primary Coach on Siren Island:

Opening your heart, keeping an open heart, is not something we strive to do in only certain circumstances….

When you’re feeling “shut-down,” wanting to stay closed – feeling the fear around not wanting your man you resent you for speaking how you feel…

What is that?

Ask yourself these questions:

Being resented feels _______________

When I say that word “resentment” where do I feel it in my body?

I feel ________________

Would he resent me and stay anyway?

Is he so committed to our relationship – to what we have, that he would stay even to the extent that he would want to hold on to resentment …..?

Your best help for connecting to a man’s heart is through your own.

We try to be logical and smart

We try to be sexy and put together

We try to keep up with what we think he needs and wants….anticipating what is going on with him…

But all of that doesn’t get us love.

The only way to connect through to a man’s heart is through our own.

More Scripts:

I don’t want to be in a relationship where we resent each other.

I’m feeling scared….

I’ve been crying so much, I’m feeling so tired….It feels so _________ and I don’t want to feel this way…. “

Riffing – Talking To Yourself Scripts – 

I love you fear…. Thank you for sharing your message and gifts with me….

Thank you ________ feeling …..thank you for showing up, thank you for your gifts….

Thank you voice telling me “he’ll resent me” that feels so _________….I love my ________feelings….

If you’re Walking The Feminine Trail – you’re already brave.

You’re discovering yourself. You’re feeling it out.

And…I am in awe of you.

I understand – all of this “keeping your heart open” feels a bit…exhausting ….

And yet – asking your man to fix ANYTHING without doing your part, feeling through, sharing, being in touch with your inner world, sinking into your inner emotional “soup,” and letting him touch you while you’re there in it – won’t build more connection in your relationship.

Please stay with your feelings…please stay with your Tools…please stay with yourself…

Love, Natalina

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