When You’re Beating Yourself Up Over Something You Did Or Said…

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from Coach Rayna Bryn

I love how you are discovering new things about yourself everyday… what feels good, what doesn’t, what it feels like to (over) share with a man whom we barely know and how we feel afterwards. So let’s celebrate your journey.

I put the “over” in brackets because I’m not assuming this to be true for you and yet I want to look deep at this.

Could it be perhaps not that you were trying to push him away but connect on a deeper level and maybe he’s just not the right guy? Maybe it was too soon?

What if we go back to the reason we Circular Date… for Practice and to learn about us… to work through our limiting beliefs and old habits. Can we look at this fellow as a blip in your story?

Instead of feeling scared from the non-communication, can you instead feel turned off? Like think “ew” instead of trying to “figure him out”…

…have you experienced this yet with any men who you have developed interest?

Focus your attention on you, not him.

You can change these patterns…you can reprogram these old habits/beliefs…

Rayna is a terrific coach on Rori Raye Siren Island – you can talk with her there!->

Love, Rori

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