When You’ve Found Love – What Do You Do Now With Your Life?

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The Question:

“Rori, This week has pretty going pretty well. I feel inspired by springtime. At times I’ve been feeling very motivated and activated and at times muddy and cloudy and exhausted.

I’ve noticed something that I feel stuck about…ever since I was a little girl, I have been searching for the one. It has been my main motivating factor in life.

Now that I may have found him, I feel bored and uninspired. And it’s not about him, it’s just that if I’m not chasing something I don’t know what to do with myself.

Maybe it’s a matter of getting my boy into action on other things.

I can see that. I feel unmotivated though. I don’t feel motivated to look pretty. Why bother? He loves me anyway.

I don’t feel motivated to impress him.

I even feel angry. Like my inner “rage monster” is coming out all over the place.

We’re fighting all the time – but he isn’t even really fighting, he’s just reacting to my always trying to start a fight.

He’s not a pushover, he doesn’t just try to calm me – he hates fighting, especially when I do it over texts.

Wow! As I’m typing this I am seeing how deep this is.

Do you have any thoughts on how to access my inner drive to live life aside from trying to get a man? So I can let go of all this energy and anger around my man?

Thanks, Jen

My Answer:

Wow – this fellow is GREAT!!!  He’s triggering you right and left – and your inner rage is in full force here (not a “monster” – an incredibly sensitive and powerful force of emotion inside you!)!

This is an inner game thing, here, Jen, where you need to first really, really understand how psychology is working here.

He’s pretty much a guy who can handle a lot of your emotion and rather likes your fire!

Now – you simply need to start recognize who’s talking through you – you, or “Enraged Jen”.

If you notice that Enraged Jen seems to “always have to be right” – that’s another bit of information.

When you start noticing who’s got a hold of you, you can start putting Jen – all of Jen, the you who feels like “Jen” who’s seeing all of this, no matter how you’re feeling – in charge and start APPRECIATING this man!!!!!

Stomp around to rap music!  Run around the block, hug some trees, vent and then morph the energy into compassion and love.

Rage is a useful energy – it pushes you to action, fuels you.

I know business can feel stressful if you allow it to put your masculine energy in charge, instead of letting the emotion of your Feminine Energy’s “desire” to lead the way… and if you can practice and learn how to use your rage as a Feminine Energy emotion, as power, to lend fire and motivation to your business…that can turn everything around.

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Love, Rori



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