When You’ve Never Felt Heard


The Question:

“Hi Rori, I have father wounds where my father didn’t hear me well and he didn’t respond.

Every time I said something to get a respond with questions, for the reason unknown a lot of times he didn’t answer me (it made me feel confused if he thought it was an open question.

But it was emotionally painful to have inconsistency with his response.) and this made me feel so terrible about my voice, the way I talk.

Would having a voice with feminine energy make him respond? Sad…”

My Answer:

Sad, Thank you so much for sharing with me your deep experiences and pain…so sorry for all of it…

In my experience, working hard to “get a man to respond” is ALWAYS a losing “strategy”.

Instead, I would suggest learning the tools for how to express yourself in a way that feels good with your painful experiences, instead of trying to shove them aside, with EVERYONE, so that you can begin to build confidence and a new way of “talking”.

Once you start practicing this with everyone you encounter, it becomes more natural.

You just have to start somewhere.

I think you might like coming to the Feminine Energy Workshop. It’s only $17 – and you can get a good idea just from listening and watching how this might help you – and there’s a LOT of one-to-one coaching going on in the Workshop.

You might get some very specific insights that “fit” you well, and perhps meet a coach who gets you especially well. Love, Rori

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