Why I Don’t Like The Law Of Attraction

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No, I do not like the Law Of Attraction.


Because for me it is total masculine energy. It has nothing to do with intuition or feelings.

It’s about: if I am this way I will attract that.

So, women walk around trying to strategize what it is we are, how it is we want to be, and what we need to do in order to attract the kind of man that we want,

We ponder what we’re not doing right, what we are doing right – and it becomes very superficial.

We just start thinking from our necks up, we start strategizing and analyzing and working it through and feeling that we’re wrong and that we need to fix something about ourselves.

We’re being different things all the time.

The Law Of Attraction then leads us to an external kind of an idea:

Oh, if I just smile more, then I’ll attract a better guy.

I’ll be nicer when really I’m seething with rage in my eyes.

It leads to inauthenticity.

And what we want more than anything in this world from all of us is authenticity.

What we want is I am me.

So, how can you be like you?

Well, you already are you!

It all has to do in that “attraction” level with so many variables:

There’s personality, who we seem to be externally, how we “seem” and “feel” to others.

If I’m an extrovert, am I going to attract an extrovert like me or am I going to attract an introvert?

And, psychologically, just because someone has (if it’s even remotely possible to “assess”!) the same level of woundedness as you – doesn’t mean they will express it in the same way.

And the way we experience, vibrate and express, if these are the matches we’re talking about in the law of attraction, are so crucial to us to accept, love and cherish – not “assess”, analyze and “change” – that, for me, it just creates confusion, frustration and self-blame.

The idea, for me, that actually works, is to actually fall in love with everything you experience, feel, vibrate in any moment, radiate, express, desire.

To fall in love with what you Want.

And even if you don’t believe you deserve what you want, to talk to yourself in a way that shifts the energy of your mind, inside you.

Now, if energy is my match, my energy changes from moment to moment, right?

It’s not something you want to pin down with your brain.

You just want to get into a place where you can not only feel your feelings, but fall in love with them.

I mean, have you ever heard of anybody who fell in love with art or fell in love with animals, not continuing with those interests of animals and art?

No. You’re not going to fall apart.

And you’re not going to attract a terrible man just because you’re having a bad day.

That’s not how it works.

However, if you are hiding all of that, stuff, you’re just hiding all the feelings you have and trying to get by as a different kind of person because of what the Law Of Attraction is meaning for you in your head, then you’re going to feel completely inauthentic – and you’re going to feel it inside you.

You’re going to feel uneasy – like why am I hiding…ah…because I’m worthless.

I’m feeling worthless so I better do something else.

All of those things are standard, classic masculine energy.

And their classic protection, your body and your mind and your heart, just want you to stay alive and want you to function – even if that means because of old patterns you’ve experienced that they are continually, your entire family of yourself, pushing away love.

You just go into the weeds in your brain and that’s not what you need to do.

You just need to go down into your true emotions, what you’re feeling in the moment,

There are ways of expressing you that have to do with old patterns that aren’t you.

So we want to find the real you just by dropping down into your actual emotions – because those are the clues.

So you simply get down into them and talk to those parts.

You fall in love with them.

You are a Modern Siren.

You simply do everything we’re talking about here and throughout my entire collection of Modern Siren programs, and start with my Have The Relationship You Want ebook,: it’s a step-by-step process of dropping into who you are without trying to put a label on mentally who you are, without trying to describe it in a label, without trying to say what that is, and especially without trying to say what that means.

So we have substitutes for the Law of Attraction, Feminine Energy.

We have the whole of Feminine intuition.

You have everything in the world you need to step into the world as you.

So we’ll talk about that more and more and more and more here.

You are attractive. just the way you are, to the right kind of man.



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