You Don’t Have To Wait On A Man

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Lots and lots of letters from women who’ve been waiting on a man.

Waiting for him to commit. Waiting for a call. Waiting for a text.

Waiting for a kiss or a hug or a touch.

Waiting for an invitation.

Waiting for something.

The hardest thing that I remember ever even considering, is “letting go“ of a man.

I would much rather feel pain, loneliness, misery, bad feelings about myself, longing, and just make excuses about why he wasn’t chasing after me.

I stayed with men for a very very very long time – even though they pretty much gave me the clue that they weren’t interested in anything long-term – or even said we were “just friends!”

It was like I was on my own planet of belief.

Please learn from me.

Waiting does not work. It never works. It will never work.

If you are not vigorously Circular Dating while you are not getting what you want from a man, please learn how to do it properly, start slowly, and make it a natural part of your life.


Because Circular Dating is so much easier on us – there’s so much adventure in it, so many possibilities – than the dreaded “letting go” of him.

In fact, you may even discover so much about yourself you never knew.

You might learn how to be incredibly transparent, vulnerable, and always in your Feminine Energy – and that alone might make all the difference in the relationship you’re already in.

Don’t let a man’s “grumbling“ about you spending time with other men stop you!

The truth is: all men know they have a very limited window to figure out what they want to do with you if they ask you to be exclusive to them.

They know this.

Of course they don’t like it!

But they know when they’re giving you short shrift. They know.

Love, Rori

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