You Have Girl Power – Video!

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I love the word “girl”.

I’m so sorry that women everywhere think it’s a derogatory name, a bad word, demeaning…and it isn’t if WE adopt it!!!!

So – let’s all be girls! It’s SO important to not let anyone out there “name” us, or “label” us.

It’s important for us to stick together.

Let’s go the “girl’s girl” route now, let’s recreate Feminism and being a Feminist as a great thing – as a Feminine Energy thing.

Let’s create something new!

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Love, Rori

Full Transcript:

Hi, I want to talk about girl power. So I’m going to call it Siren Girl Power. What is that to me? And why is girl such a big word for me? I’m wearing my girl shirt. It probably reads backwards to you here in the camera, but, uh, oh you can get the shirt by the way. I got a whole bunch of them and I put it on a website just to write to me and I’ll tell you where it is because I love it.

Why girl? Because woman is like man with a whoa in front of it. Whoa, literally, whoa. And, um Woah in lots of ways now that I think of it. Woah, sad. Woah, woah. Hold your horses, girl. No. Hold your horses, woman. Girl, on the other hand, has been used in yucky ways, right? It’s been used as, uh, derogatory. So that’s what I want to resurrect.

Female is like male with a fee in front of it. And yes, I know that in, you know, the beginning of words, it was its own word, but it’s come to mean for me, some version of a male. And I wanted our own word, girl, girl. Girl. A lot of people use femme. Feminine. Femme. That’s lovely too, but girl has such a history, you know, and I just want it to be powerful for you.

Girl. So think of it. Girl. I’m a girl. Say that to yourself. Doesn’t it give you a feeling of, wow, I’m my own person? I’m not something that’s related to you men. I am my own person. And I get to start from the girl in me. What does that mean to you? Does it mean weak? No. Does it mean silly? Maybe, yeah. But it just means girl.

Feminine energy. It means you have feelings that supersede thoughts. They’re more important than your thoughts. So let’s go call around girls all the time. Let’s call ourselves girl. And this leads me into the whole thing that young women are now doing, that young girls are now doing, and that is calling themselves girl’s girls.

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