Your Changing Siren Patterns Are Like The Sky


About to paint a mural on my foyer wall… I want to do a sky with clouds and then some grass below – in a very soft and blended way… I have so many paints left over from the remodeling of the house, all in my favorite sea and sky colors…

And seeing all of these 10 pictures I took yesterday, and seeing all of the gazillions if not infinite patterns in every area of sky and clouds, I am reminded of what being a Siren is like.

Infinite variations. Infinite patterns. A pattern is there, and then it changes. Things move.

This is you.

Infinitely changing, morphing, moving, with so much inside you that can move and change and morph.

Whenever you feel stuck, remember this.

Whenever you feel like things are stuck, like your options are narrow, like your thoughts are always going to the same place… Remember the cloud sky.

And… How about all of the entrances and exits!

Love, Rori

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